Midnight, Texas S2E7 Review: No More Mr. Nice Kai

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Midnight, Texas: No More Mr. Nice Kai

Original air date: December 7, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “No More Mr. Nice Kai” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Arielle Kebbel as Olivia, Peter Mensah as Lemuel, François Arnaud as Manfred — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Wow, I did not see that end coming! When Creek left for Austin, I figured that was the end of her. I was surprised when I she returned and figured, okay they will officially break-up and that will be the end of her. Lo and behold, a break-up wasn’t permanent enough for the writers of Midnight, Texas and they offed poor Creek. Now, she wasn’t my most favorite character, but wow, talk about harsh. Manfred seeing her ghost was gut wrenching and the burning ring around her throat cannot be a good sign.

The only good news we had this episode is that Lem and Olivia are in a good place relationship wise and Lem is once again a vampire. The only lingering question around Lem’s powers is why did Kai lie to him and say he could not return them? Besides the severed head, which is apparently alive, we know he is hiding things from the other Midnighters and I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with Fiji’s trip to the darkside.

Fiji’s turn is not making me happy. Here’s the thing– thus far this season she was coming into her own. She was embracing her power, and was no longer as insecure as she was last season. I liked it a lot. She was in tune with her wants and desires, and she wasn’t shying away from her love for Bobo, but then this stupid curse came up. It seems like a punishment for her being a confident and powerful woman. It has led her to the darkside and that’s bullshit. To be strong enough to break the curse– and save her friends– she had to give herself to the darkness and turn into a stone-cold bitch—what kind of message is that sending?

If this is truly who she is meant to be, so be it. Get your evil on, Fij. However, wouldn’t it be better if she found a way to harness power (maybe light and dark), be a powerful witch and not have to be evil or uncaring? I would like to see her happy, content and powerful. I hope that is where this journey will end for her. So I will try to reserve further judgment until the story plays out—please don’t disappoint Midnight!

Also I don’t know if there is room in Midnight for a recurring villain if Fiji remains dark. A villain of the week works for the show. Yes, there is something bigger on the horizon, but we also have an inkling that whatever big bad the Midnighters face, they will be victorious.  I mean, it is a small town– they can’t have too many losses or there wouldn’t be a town left. Also, if they lost it would be the end of the show, and a horrible one at that.

So, for those reasons, I don’t think Fiji will remain a dark witch, just like Lem wouldn’t remain human. There is a balance of characters that needs to remain constant for the show to work.  An episode or two of strife is fine (like how Lem and Olivia were a bit rocky after their psychic link was established) but now they are back to being the power couple I love. Fiji is a constant source of power and protection for Midnight. If that is gone, I don’t know how long Midnight can last.

As harsh as I’ve been about Fiji’s change—I will say I loved her and Basil drinking Martinis and watching the chaos around them; it was my favorite scene of the episode. I thought the idea of a demigod, one that specialized in mischief, was a great way to bring out all the secrets the Midnighters have been hiding from one another. There is a definite shift is story that will play out in the final three episodes. I hope in the remaining episodes Chuy and Joe might be able to reconcile. It sucks that the innocent players in Basil’s game were the ones that were the most injured. Creek lost her life and I don’t know if Chuy can come back from what he has done. He killed a few people, and I’m fearful that his human half will not be able to come to terms with that. I liked Chuy and Joe’s relationship, and it would be nice if it could last. Though they have been together a thousand years, maybe they could split and still call it a win—I just want Chuy to be okay.

P.S. Remember the next three episodes are on an hour earlier!


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