The Flash S5E8, Review – What’s Past is Prologue

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It’s The Flash’s 100th episode! One can expect big things from such a milestone, and revealing the real villain is one of them.

With Cicada’s identity revealed, Team Flash focuses on a plan to bring him down. Nora has the brilliant idea of traveling back in time to collect artifacts to create a dark matter magnet to collect Cicada’s dagger.

Traveling back in time isn’t as difficult as it once was. Barry and Nora effortlessly hit their target timelines seamlessly, while reassuring us that their road trip will not affect the present. There’s a brief appearance by a Time Wraith who isn’t pleased with Barry’s travel, but it does little to hinder their progress. Considering the threat they once posed for Barry, it’s amusing to see them reduced to a convenient plot point, rather than a real threat. For Nora, it’s been a dream to see Barry in action.

This isn’t quite what I was expecting for a 100th episode– until Barry is forced to confront Eobard Thawne for help. Eobard is quite aware what Barry and Nora are doing and doesn’t put up much of a fight each time he’s asked for assistance. One would think Barry would be more cautious in opening up to Eobard, but he seems more concerned with his task at hand rather than the consequences.

After hiding the magnet in the hospital, Barry and Nora return to the present to face off against Cicada. Team Flash joins them in a quick showdown, one I thought would be drawn out a little bit more. The beacon for Cicada’s dagger works well for a moment; they are able to get it away from him and send it into space. But like a boomerang, he recalls it back down to himself and takes out everyone’s powers–except Caitlin.

Killer Frost came about from experimentation, not because Caitlin is a Meta-Human. She manages to overpower him in his shock and scares him off. Despite the time travel being for nothing, Caitlin gives them a fighting chance to disarm Ciacada and prevent any needless Meta-Human murders.

That isn’t the only surprise we’re left with as Sherloque has taken quite an interest in Nora’s notes on her adventures. Before shifting to Nora’s perspective, he repeats a line Eobard Thawne had used to describe her, which is somewhat concerning. There’s no time to process what his means for Sherloque– as Nora– heads back to future. A jailhouse visit reveals this wasn’t her first time meeting Eobard Thawne, but it’s all we’re given before moving onto a lead up to Elseworlds.

A trip down memory lane to some of the biggest villains Barry has faced is appropriate for a 100th episode. I was hoping for some cameos, but Eobard is a villain favorite. It seems Nora’s real reason to visit the past may not be as cute as her wanting to reconnect with her father. If Eobard is involved, trusting Nora may be a huge mistake.

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