Midnight, Texas S2E5 Review: Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

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Midnight, Texas: Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

Original air date: November 30, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Did anyone else get a surprise when they watched Midnight? I’m talking about the special news coverage of the passing of George Bush. I was surprised how much I didn’t know about him and found it very educational—but totally not what I was expecting to watch. Luckily for me, and those of you that had your viewing interrupted, NBC had it On Demand the day after airing.  Ugh….but commercials.

Once I watched the full episode, there was a twist I didn’t expect—Fiji is a dark witch (allegedly). I don’t know if I would trust a self-proclaimed dark witch about my lineage, but Fiji did, and it looks like by going dark she’ll save Bobo. Though I am assuming darkness equals evil and that may not be the case—I could see how a witch uses her power versus where it comes from might be more indicative to her evilness. The Delilah Sisters were rude to Fiji, so I can also see how she is more inclined to believe Celeste. The thing is though, didn’t Fiji’s aunt say dark witches cursed their family? I think there is something very fishy about this and I fear that Bobo and Fiji are not in the clear yet.

Another thing I didn’t expect was for Lem to go human.  Once he did though, I knew there must be a way to revert back. I don’t see him staying human for long. We learned that Kai absorbs supernatural energy and then can store it in a test tube, in a jukebox… I feel that is the sort of thing that needs refrigeration. Lyric drank some of the super juice and turned invisible, and her death leaves me with questions. Would she always have that power, or would it have worn off? Could a person drink multiple super juices and have all sorts of crazy powers? A stockpile of superpowers seems worrisome, especially if Kai is not on the up and up. Still, I think Patience isn’t as wholesome as she is portraying, and I think a lot will be revealed next week.

If I was a resident of Midnight, I would be worried about what will happen to Midnight when there are no more supernaturals to protect it. What if Kai and Patience’s end goal is to rid the world of supernaturals? Also, can Kai take a supernatural’s power by force? It looks like we will learn more next week—I’m guessing there will be a heist planned to get the super juice away from Kai, and I think it will end partly with Lem taking his vampire powers back. Also, am I the only one worried about who’ll run the businesses in Midnight? BoBo was a dog (hard to tend bar), Madonna ran the restaurant and she’s gone; maybe the big evil plan is to buy cheap real estate when all the businesses tank. Looking to a season three, it could be fun to see newbies trying to get businesses up a running while learning about the craziness of Midnight.

I think Lem deserves some kudos for surviving the most awkward family dinner ever. I’m glad that it led to Olivia confronting her father. When she first found out that Madoona was spying on Olvia for her dad, the fight scene between Madonna and Olivia was amazing– we had been missing some action, and it was fun to watch. Then the scene where Bobo was taking forever to knock out Philip–hilarious; I loved watching them scuffle in the background while Fiji broke the spell. Now, I wouldn’t have blamed Olivia for killing her dad, but I do think letting him live in suffering is a better punishment. I hope this is the last of him—though I could see he trying to weasel back into her life. This confrontation did lead to some self-discovery for Olivia. It also helped solidify her relationship further with Lem. My dream scenario: she gets pregnant before Lem becomes a vampire again. I just have this image of her totally preggers and kicking ass—it would be awesome to see it come to life.

There is one thing that bugged me—there are now two dead girls at the hotel (Sequoia and Lyric) what is going to happen to their bodies? Are they going to report it? Or just bury them in the graveyard? I’m worried if too many people go missing it will look bad for the Midnighters and the wrong people might get arrested. Also, think about it—isn’t it rather convenient for Patience that the two girls that were stealing Kai’s attention are no longer around? Seems like something a big bad could orchestrate happening…


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