The Flash S5E6, Review – The Icicle Cometh

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Caitlin’s search for her father finally comes to a head as Barry pushes her to take the final step in making contact.

Up until now, Barry has focused on managing rampaging Meta-Humans, or Cicada’s identity. It feels like he’s ignored the extensive search for Caitlin’s father as it’s gone on in the background. He hasn’t commented on it and hasn’t been involved in the search; I was surprised he proposed to Caitlin and Cisco they take on the next leg of the hunt together.

Together, the three travel to the arctic where the last clue hinted was his location. It’s immediately successful– there Thomas Snow is tearfully reunited with his daughter. It’s almost too good to be true; he had been living there this whole time, barely surviving. They take him back to Central City to free him from his icy prison and to hopefully bring Killer Frost back. The joyful reunion is short-lived, however, as it’s revealed Thomas had been in isolation due to his advancing ALS. He tried to prevent it through experimentation, which gave him ice powers that crystalize his skin. He did similar testing on Caitlin to prevent her from developing ALS as well, which created the Killer Frost version of herself.

Caitlin and Barry assume Thomas failed once with himself and succeeded with Caitlin. Cisco believes otherwise, finding the whole situation highly suspicious. Caitlin is offended he could think her father is dishonest, but as she develops a cure for the ice crystallization she realizes the truth; Thomas didn’t fail with himself, and this man is his frosty ego. He tricked Caitlin into developing a cure that would suppress his human self for good. Before Caitlin can stop him, he manages to escape with her vial.

The rest of Team Flash is unaware of the drama going down as they all have their missions to work on. Sherloque, Iris, Nora, and Ralph are all working to find Cicada’s identity in their own way. Ralph teams up with Cecile to search for clues at the shelter that had popped up after the satellite crashed, while Sherloque, Iris and Nora search for the satellite core itself. Both teams are victorious in their search, building a profile for Cicada and locating the satellite core. It seems a little rushed as Thomas makes his escape with Caitlin’s vial.

Nora and Ralph join Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin as they go after Thomas. The Speedsters are useless in the frigid environment Thomas had set up, but the dire situation brings Killer Frost back in time to save her friends. She’s back in a much more compatible way with Caitlin and manages to avoid any other injuries. Unfortunately, in the process, her father makes his escape.

The flow of the episode was all over the place as it was split between four groups. While Team Flash each had their own story, Cicada was also thrown into the mix as he killed another Meta. It seems his injuries are growing worse, but he’s committed to his mission for his daughter. I would have enjoyed this episode more if they had kept it to one or two stories lines, but it seems they’re setting up for a secondary villain with Caitlin’s father.

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