Stan Against Evil Season 3 Finale Review

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Intensive Scare Unit 307

Well, here we are at the last two episodes of the season! We’re back on the main plot, focusing on defeating Eccles, and dealing with the idea of a ‘bigger evil’.

We open up with Stan wandering a hospital in a daze, clearly dreaming. He’s told by Horus he has to invite him in, or they won’t be able to defeat the evil of the town…especially since Stan is doing a “shitty” job of it. I appreciate that even the most terrifying demons on this show aren’t afraid to call Stan out on his shit.

Denise wakes Stan up, only to tell him it’s time to go into the hospital for his ‘procedure’. From the way they talk about it, it’s most likely a colonoscopy–but no one really wants to talk about that, right? Of course the procedure goes poorly and Stan ends up in a coma…leading him directly into the dream world he previously dreamed about (…it’s like a weird version of Inception, folks).

It’s all screaming, torture, and murder in his dream world, but there is a young girl who seems to be stuck as well, whom Stan is determined to help. Look, he may be a cynical asshole a lot of the time, but he cares about people (sometimes), and is willing to help young kids when it counts.

Meanwhile, Denise knows her father’s in trouble and takes charge of the situation back in the real world, demanding Evie get down to the hospital immediately–which she does. We find out that Evie is in a David Bowie scrapbook club (with one member–herself), which is adorable. I’d join your club, Evie–and so would Denise. So we’re up to three members now.

Denise convinces Evie that the doctor in the hospital doesn’t know what he’s doing (he doesn’t) so they “Weekend at Bernies” Stan out of the hospital– aka pretend he’s just fine while he’s very dead looking.

They make it back to the Miller house, where both Evie and Denise start pouring through spells to try and find a way to bring Stan back. I really love the way these two work together–and Denise especially has grown a lot over the season, becoming a really strong (if still wacky) force.

The only trouble with what the girls are doing–Stan doesn’t want to be saved. Stan discovers the young girl he wanted to save was just Horus in disguise…this had all been an elaborate ruse to get him to give over his soul.  Gerard Duquette is there, as well, encouraging Stan to give it up. Duquette apparently has some past with Eccles, but refuses to give any true details–we will have to wait until a hypothetical season four, for that. [Which, seriously–I would love. Duquette is a really interesting character that deserves to be expanded upon.]

We cut back to Denise and Evie, finally succeeding in waking Stan up, and everything seems fine…except we know he’s hosting Horus now. Definitely not a good thing, regardless if it takes out Eccles.


Stan Against Evie 308

This episode is an interesting one–as a season ender it’s great, but a potential series ender? Man it leaves so much open ended and unfulfilled. Again, as an hour of television, I truly enjoyed it, but knowing that Stan Against Evie might be the last episode of this show I witness…I just wanted more.

We start in the ‘near future’ in Vermont; a young man is interviewing an old Evie about what happened in Willard’s Mill, and how Stan turned, well, evil.

We cut back to present day Willard’s Mill, where it looks like Horus is burning Eccles at the stake. It’s an odd scene, with Eccles occasionally turning into a raven/crow (seriously) and the dead rising from their graves. It all seems a bit anticlimactic, but I suppose that’s the point.

Kevin shows Evie the very charred body of Eccles, and they both muse that it might finally be over. Evie goes to tell Stan about the good news, but he clearly isn’t happy about it; Evie doesn’t let that get her down, and we proceed to see a very ridiculous montage of our favorite sheriff trying to live her best life.

It might not be her best life for long, though, as Stan has been told by Horus that he has to kill Evie as payment for the Eccles death. Guess this was the fine print in the deal he made. Oops. Frustrated by the situation, Stan seeks out Duquette, who tells him that only true deep love could stop Horus, and given Stan can’t really pull that off, he’s doomed.

Except, Stan truly loved his wife, Claire. Coming up with a plan, Stan goes and digs his wife up, again. As Kevin puts it, “you dig her up every week!”, but this time Stan needed to get her wedding ring, he could create one single bullet from the items that symbolized their enduring connection.

Before he can enact his plan, Evie shows up and holds Stan hostage, having sorted out that Stan had sold himself out to Horus. Of course, that causes the demon to attack, and while various shenanigans happen, Stan does manage to tell Evie to meet in the graveyard, for a final confrontation.

What transpires is a great fight, but I genuinely appreciated the talk Stan and Evie have before everything happens; Stan says that this curse was never meant for her, because if he hadn’t made mistakes early on, Evie never would have become the sheriff in town. Stan is determined to make this right, for better or worse. After a short fight, Evie manages to shoot Horus, killing the demon and apparently…Stan as well. If Stan stays dead, honestly, it would be okay–he was so tired of fighting.

We cut back to future Vermont, where Evie says that this wasn’t the end of the story–but the beginning…leaving things on a cliffhanger.

We haven’t gotten a renewal, and I’m not going to hold my breath–but Stan Against Evil has always been the little show that could. Given how this season ends, I think we should be given one last season to round things out, to finish the story in a satisfying way. If it ends the way it is, now? I can accept it.

So many of the characters have grown, and this show has given me so much more joy than I could have anticipated. Nothing can last forever, but in a tv landscape where bad network shows get renewed all the time–I hope IFC gives Stan one last chance to fight.

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