Charmed S1E6 Review: Kappa Spirit

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Charmed: Kappa Spirit

Original air date: November 18, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

This episode of Charmed had the makings to be super fun. Time travel to the Eighties, vengeful ghosts, and jealous girlfriends. Yet it left me wanting a little more. Usually I am all for things being kept at a quick pace, but for me there was just something missing.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the episode—I did. I wish that the two major storylines of the episode had been in separate episodes. Not that the show has necessarily been too dark, but I think a vengeful spirit of a wannabe KAPPA could have made for a hilarious standalone episode. Lucy was amazing in the scenes where she was manipulated by Brenda—imagine that throughout the whole KAPPA house and all the girls under her thrall.

As it was, there was a nice symmetry to Brenda’s story and the conflict between Lucy and Maggie.  I get why it was done, and I hope that the two become friends again. I liked the dichotomy between Maggie’s witchy world and her trying to fit in with the girls in the sorority. We’ve seen bits of this in all the episodes thus far and they are probably my favorite—but I can see the argument being made that this storyline has run its course and moving on to something else. If that is the case I hope what is in store for Maggie is equally exciting and fun.

The other part of the episode revolved around Macy and why she could see the sign branded on Galvin. Does anyone else think she is part demon? If we look back (I know I said I wouldn’t but here I go) at the original series, there is source material of Whitelighters and witches (okay one example), so it isn’t a stretch to think a witch could reproduce with another supernatural creature. We don’t know a lot about her father (or any? I can’t remember him being talked about); maybe he is a vodouist or possibly a Loa. I’m leaning towards some Haitian tie since it was brought up in this episode.

I’m glad that Macy told her sisters what the Priestess told her, I thought for sure she was going to hide it from them, but it was Maggie and Mel that withheld information. They reassure Macy that it is nothing to be worried about, yet not sharing the information they have, means they’re worried. This does not bode well for them; I’m sure some strife will be waiting because they didn’t share the information. So okay, she has some darkness in her—big whoop. I mean I feel like that could be said about almost everyone, it doesn’t mean everyone acts on their darkness. A better warning would be there is darkness in you, that you might want to act on. Wouldn’t that be a more troublesome portent?

Maybe this is leading up to the discovery of dark witches– the Charmed Ones are all about goodness and light—maybe there is the reverse of them somewhere. I also believe there could be good demons out there; I don’t know if things are as black and white as they have been set out to be on the show. Who knows, maybe having a little darkness in Macy is what will help them defeat the Big Bad when the time comes.

The thing that I would hate to happen is that Macy goes full darkside before coming back to her sisters– we don’t need that. Actually, I just changed my mind—if it was for one episode and she had some fun in the role of evil Macy, I could see it being entertaining. I would want it to be dealt with quickly. I could see Alastair Caine tempting her to the darkside with the knowledge of her past and using her sister’s lack of disclosure to prove they don’t trust her. Or maybe it will be a spell of some kind created from her blood sample.  All in all, I very much enjoyed the episode. I think it is a good sign that I wanted more from the episode, because I would hate if it felt like it was dragging on.

Final thought: why not let Harry stay with them? I know the Elders think the extreme danger has passed, but if they have the room, it seems convenient to keep him there. Also, a condo near campus can’t be cheap; seems an economically sensible solution.


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