Midnight, Texas S2E4 Review: I Put a Spell on You

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Midnight Texas: I Put a Spell on You

Original air date: November 16, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I enjoyed most of this episode, but I feel like Midnight is teasing me. I honestly thought Mary’s dad was going to be Quinn from the books. Alas, no and now we’re once again without were-tigers. (I’m over it, I swear.)

I loved the accelerated growth of Mary and Olivia dealing with it. This was a new side to Olivia, and the little family unit created with the addition of Mary was something special. Olivia became fiercely protective rather fast and I think she has more maternal instinct then she even knew. I was right there with Olivia in not trusting Grace. My dog can attest to me yelling at the TV, “I don’t trust her.” Is it just me or does anyone else question their whole existence when they shout out a character’s dialogue before they do? Probably just me…

The end scene with Olivia and Lem was so well performed and beautiful, I felt Olivia’s suffering. Her sharing that moment with Lem, proves how amazing they are as a couple. I hope this moment won’t make her put up her walls again. I think freely expressing her emotions will be so much better for her in the long run, versus Lem just draining them from her. I think she is also unearthing feelings she didn’t even realize were there. This episode was a little peek into what their life will evolve into, and the two of them would make terrific parents. I mean, Olivia lived first hand a whole guide of what not to do as parents.

The other side of this story, the underground supernatural fight ring, was better than I thought it was going to be. I was afraid it might be dragged out for too long, but there was just enough subterfuge and action in the limited time, that it was quite enjoyable. I’m also glad they freed all the captive Supernaturals and allowed them to give their captors fair punishment (aka eating them).  I wish Mary and her dad stayed, but I smell spinoff potential for another show about the were-community.

I didn’t care for the fact that Fiji is still making me angry—but I’ll admit, turning Bobo in a Yellow Lab was the funniest thing in the whole series. I feel this was the perfect descriptive animal for Bobo. Yet, I must wonder if just telling Bobo about the curse would have been better– and who’s now going to run the bar?

Bobo’s love broke the memory blocking spell she put on him, c’mon Fiji? His standing outside your house all John Cusack-y is love worth fighting for—together. I don’t know, put him in a room with a lot of pillows and no glass– but let him know what is going on. I don’t think it is fair for Fiji not to include Bobo. Though I guess if he is as cognizant as Mr. Snuggly, then he could be helpful. I’m curious to see if he is aware of what is going on?

Finally—I really, really don’t like what is going on between Manfred and Patience. I just don’t trust her and I don’t know if she has the best intentions with Manfred. Maybe it is a sign that I’ve watched too much Snapped, but I can see her convincing Manfred and the other Midnighters that Kai is evil. Maybe even trying to get Manfred to kill him—but in truth she is the real Big Bad. What if she is the woman in the painting? Or they are in on it together—like Supernatural con artists. The reason she bypassed Fiji’s spell is:

  1. She is a more powerful witch or
  2. She doesn’t mean them any harm, for now.

Just some thoughts to ponder until next week—where it looks like Kai killed a person, but did he?


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