American Horror Story S8E10 Review: Apocalypse Then

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse Then

Original air date: November 14, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Best. Season. Finale. Ever.

There was so much AHS awesomeness spread throughout this episode that I’m sure I’ll forget to mention all the greatness contained. I will freely admit that I’m a sucker for happy endings—and this is season’s ending lends itself to be one of the happier seen on AHS.

One thing struck me as something I haven’t mentioned in my reviews and I want to rectify it now—the special effects, costuming department and the makeup department went above and beyond this season. There was a lot of work that went into this season, thinking of the post-apocalyptic sets to all the flashbacks– it was all amazing. While watching the season, actors playing multiple roles never took away from the story. Each character was their own entity and I think the credit for that doesn’t go just to the actors, but the physical transformations created by these departments.

Now as for this episode, when Marie Laveau appeared—I squealed! (I scared my dog awake, she wasn’t too pleased.) Though her part was super small, I love that she was the one to kill Dinah Stevens. My only hope is that it happened all over again in the current timeline. I would like to think Marie Laveau is alive and well and Dinah is suffering with Papa Legba. Speaking of him, I love that in both timelines Nan prefers to stay with him—I’m glad he is treating her right and that she is having fun. Last week I suggested an AHS spinoff with the witches—I changed my mind, now I want a spin off revolving around the misadventures of Nan and Papa Legba.

My biggest fear was that the witches we had regained would be lost once more and that (for the most part) was the case. Myrtle Snow remained deceased, but Mallory was able to pull in some favors and bring back Misty. Queenie was dissuaded from staying at the Cortez and Madison was still working retail Hell, but only because Mallory wanted her to stew for a bit longer—so I’m sure she will be back with the living soon enough. Also, Zoe, Coco and all the other witches were alive and well. We don’t get to see how Mallory becomes the next Supreme, but my guess is that it won’t happen as fast, now that the threat of the apocalypse has been pushed back a few years.

However, I do think this new timeline will affect the Murder House. With Michael dead, I think that couple that was moving in will, and I hope they survive longer with Michael gone. However, that means Madison and Behold never go there to investigate– which means no release for Moira and no makeups between Violet and Tate, or Vivian and Ben. Small prices to pay to save the world I guess, but maybe when the time comes Mallory will go there to do what had once been done.

My most favorite thing to come about in this episode was that for once Constance Langdon did the right thing. Throwing Michael out was a good choice; letting him die was the best choice she ever made. When Michael begged to be dragged to the Murder House, I thought for sure she would. Thankfully, she knew that it would lead to only more sorrow and death if she did. I wonder now that Michael is dead, does she still kill herself, or is she is still alive and kicking it next door?

Although the witches defeated this Antichrist, we learn there can be more than one. The doomed lovers (Timothy and Emily) of Outpost three, alive and well after the history rewrite, meet, fall in love and have a baby. That baby will be the new Antichrist. Now we know what was so special about their DNA– at least that is my guess. If the Cooperative were following order from Michael or the Devil, it seems they would be setting up some fail safes and looking to create offspring more inline with the Devil’s image. I loved that the last scene started just like the last scene in Murder House, the rocking chair and dead babysitter—then we see Miriam Meade and company. We’ll see if this is foreshadowing what is to come next for AHS, but I doubt it. If it took AHS eight seasons to circle back to Michael, we’ll see if this plays a part in the last two seasons. I guess as long as there is a witch that can time travel, the world will be okay.


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