Midnight, Texas S2E3 Review: To Witch Hell and Back

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Midnight Texas: To Witch Hell and Back

Original air date: November 9, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Being out of the country allowed me the luxury of watching the first three episodes of this season in one sitting. So I didn’t have the wait others had, and doing it this way made it seem that the show was tying up loose ends and riding themselves of characters they didn’t like. I have a feeling a couple more might be heading to the chopping block soon and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know a lot of the source material has been used up and the show needs to evolve away from the books, but I’m just concerned that in doing this switch some of the things I loved so much about season one will also disappear.

The first character that got the axe was Creek. For me, this wasn’t too big of a deal. She wasn’t my favorite character, but I don’t know if she needed to be written off. Maybe there was too much Creek hate in the world, or maybe the writers thought her story served it’s point. I know Creek away from Midnight in the book series, so this departure wasn’t unexpected—however I do think this could have be an opportunity to transform a character that didn’t have that much source material to begin with.  Creek could have become a badass demon hunter, or a witch, or well, anything.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — Season: 1 — Pictured: Yul Vázquez as Rev. Sheehan — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

The next denizen of Midnight to bid the show farewell was Rev. Here’s the thing– I’m trying not to compare the books and the show, I know they are very different mediums, however as much as it was a burden to be a were-tiger, I don’t think the Rev would have given it up. In the universe of Midnight and True Blood—were-tigers are extremely rare. They are going extinct, and I don’t think he would turn his back on what his true nature was even if it was at times rather inconvenient. Also, it dashed my hopes that Quinn the weretiger might appear in this series. He didn’t make it in True Blood and now I don’t see him arriving in Midnight and really it is bumming me out because I love his character and want to see him someday make it on screen. Oh well, the Rev is gone and I’m a little sad… but is he the last to make an exit?

I am worried that Chuy might be next and I hope I’m wrong. Joe is hanging out with Walker (Josh Kelly) and there is an obvious attraction going on. I don’t like this. I loved Chuy and Joe together and thought they were a great couple that were role models for the others. I get wanting to beef up Joe’s action in the show, but I hope it doesn’t lead to him having an affair. I have a fear that it might even be worse than that—Walker is a demon hunter, Chuy is part demon, and I doubt they will become besties. I just can see Chuy dying and that sending Joe back to being more wrathful.

I still am enjoying the show—I didn’t move for three hours while I was watching the episodes. I just have some reservations about how things are going. This past episode specifically really raised my hackles. Fiji is making me all bowed up. (Don’t worry I think that’s all the Texas-isms I know.) Instead of telling Bobo about the curse set on her family by dark witches (who has a feeling some dark witches are about to show up in Midnight?), she breaks up with him saying all his near-death experiences are because he isn’t the one. I’m sorry, isn’t she like a super powerful witch—couldn’t she do every protection spell she knew and had him live in a plastic bubble until she figured out how to break the curse? Fiji is better than this. Bobo is better than this. They finally got together and if they love each other, a little ol’ death curse shouldn’t keep them apart. I fear that Fiji in trying to protect Bobo, is going to push him too far away, and when the curse is broken so will their relationship—possibly beyond repair.

I do think some dark witches will show up to Midnight, and I think I already know how to break the curse. Manfred asked Patience if Kai could remove a curse and she said no. Now if an ancestor or ancestors of the witch that originally placed the curse were to be stripped of their magic, would that break the curse? I think if Kai consumes the dark witches’ powers, the curse could cease to be. Which leads me to my thoughts on the newest residents of Midnight.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) François Arnaud as Manfred, Jaime Ray Newman as Patience — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Kai and Patience are the new owners of the hotel– and I’m with Olivia, I don’t trust them one bit. We as the audience know more than the characters, and we know Kai wants to avenge the severed head, hidden behind the creepy paintings, death. Patience says it is the head of one of Kai’s relatives and what he gains his powers from. Okay, but who is it? Is it the lady we see in the painting? Or someone else? What happens to the illness and supernatural energies he absorbs? My biggest question: what is he? Also, I’m curious as to whether Patience is as human as she seems. While I’m on the subject—I wonder if her and Kai are really husband and wife. She seems to be into Manfred; not that a married woman can’t be attracted to other men, I just don’t buy her and Kai as a couple.

The one couple’s storyline I’m enjoying very much is Lem and Olivia. They are having issues, but I feel they are doing a better job compromising and evolving than any of the other couples. Olivia is used to being self-reliant and used to her own space. I totally get how it would be difficult to let someone in, no matter how much she loves them. Lem is learning to keep his distance and I do think they will work through this. Lem will need to learn to interpret her feelings and tell the difference between a real emergency and when she wants to thwart the danger herself. Though I think if it isn’t a true life or death situation, Olivia could send out a mental thumbs up to Lem and save themselves a lot of strife.

What I do love the most about Midnight, Texas, is that it is full of the supernatural and has darker elements, but it keeps its sense of humor. There are some great one liners, my favorite being, “Oh no hipsters in Midnight and I thought Colconnar was bad.” I love that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are enough shows out there consumed by their own darkness, it is nice to see one having fun while being entertaining.


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