American Horror Story S8E9 Review: Fire and Reign

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American Horror Story: Fire and Reign

Original air date: November 7, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I apologize dear readers that I’ve been lax with my reviews. I was out of the country and blissfully off the grid. While I was playing catch-up there was an idea wiggling around in my head– truth be told I thought of it while watching Charmed. I thought they should be able to bring people back from the dead, and this led me to thinking about the AHS witches and how powerful they are—so why can’t they change time? Well, I got my answer: they might be able to…maybe…

Mallory, the rising Supreme, may just be able to save the world. She tried to alter the timeline in a test run and save the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, but it didn’t go so well. She needs time and she all the power she can get from Cordelia. I’m very intrigued by this—mostly because I want to know what she will alter (as I believe she’ll succeed) in the timeline. Will she stop Michael from being born? Will she stop Ben Harmon from having an affair or will the timeline alteration be more recent? While this obviously needs to be done to save the world—it means those that have been lost, regained and lost again will remain that way. Queenie will still be in the Hotel Cortez, Madison and Misty will remain in Hell and most likely Myrtle will not be alive. Perhaps the timeline alteration be further back? Will it somehow tie in Asylum or Roanoke? I doubt it will, but I’m having fun thinking of the possibilities!

So basically, the Apocalypse came about because a coked-up Robotics engineer, that knows the Antichrist, hates the signature coffee from a major coffee chain—only in LA (amiright?). I’m going to take a little detour right here, because I want to ask—does anyone else sometimes relate a little too closely to a character of TV? Because I will admit a couple of things—first, I know exactly the blend of coffee Jeff says tastes like “burnt asshole” and I agree. Second, and I’m not proud, I recognized the plot from Omen 3 (I’m a Sam Neill fan, what can I say?).  Those are the only real similarities. Also, I promise I’m not part of the Illuminati (Or am I? Muhahahaha….)

Okay, the fact the Cooperative is really the Illuminati is hilarious—I’m sorry, but to me, it is too funny. Thinking about it, I’m surprised that AHS hasn’t touched on it before. I love conspiracy theories. I find the whole idea of a secret society highly entertaining—because I don’t think any organization would have the wherewithal to keep secrets on such a grand scale. At some point in history, someone would’ve blabbed. I am happy that we are getting answers to so many questions I had at the beginning. I’m satisfied with learning about the creation of Miriam Meade 2.0. I love that Jeff and Mutt are the ones behind the destruction of the world.  Still, what I don’t get, and this isn’t wholly pointed at AHS, but why are the evil powers so set on world destruction? Like nuclear annihilation isn’t something that will clear up quickly, what is the payoff for them?

This season has gone by so fast and I think it is turning out to be my favorite. I actually would love if there was a spinoff just so we could have more stories about the witches—it could be called AHSNOLA—it worked for NCIS. I’m hoping everything will be tied up nicely in the last episode of the season, I’m not ready to say goodbye these characters. I don’t expect all the witches to survive, I hope Mallory does and I would love if Madison did, but I fear we will lose Cordelia. Mallory needs to be full strength and I want to see an epic showdown between her and Michael. Also, I hope Dinah gets her comeuppance—I don’t think her helping Michael should go unpunished. Though I guess she has a chance for redemption if she helps them destroy him. There must be a reason Cordelia brought her back from the dead.


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