Charmed S1E4 Review: Exorcise Your Demons

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Charmed: Exorcise Your Demons

Original air date: November 4, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

There is something refreshing about a show not being cavalier about death. I’m used to the vanquishing of demons without a second thought, but this episode of Charmed questioned whether death was the correct answer. Angela Wu (Leah Lewis) has been put through the ringer on this show—she was sexually assaulted, put in a coma due to an overdose, then possessed by the Harbinger of Hell. I’m glad Mel took a moment to step back and question the Elders.

I loved that there was a third option available. So many times, it is either the end of the world or vanquish the enemy. The Charmed Ones, with the help of their mother’s foresight, saved the human and trapped the demon. Sure, at the end of the episode it seems like letting the demon live might lead to more trouble, but for now I think the shakeup caused by the sisters will be a good thing. When those are new to power question the status quo, that is when growth can occur. Charity (Virginia Williams) admitted that this is new territory for the Elders as well as for the Charmed Ones, so I’m guessing we will see more strife between the sisters and the Elders.

Harry said that there would be consequences for disobeying the Elders—I’m hoping they get some witch medals or something, but I doubt that will be the case. Charity warmed to the sisters in the end, but now that she lost the sacred vessel, I’m guessing she will be in the doghouse. I know we need to keep the story progressing and not everything can work out perfectly—but why not kill the demon after removing it from Angela? They saved Angela, so why not? Seems that would’ve made everyone happy and ensure it couldn’t fulfill its part of the prophecy.

With all the attention focused on Angela, there still was a loss of life. Niko’s partner, Detective Bailey followed Mel at the wrong time and got caught in demon crosshairs. His death was tragic– though not unexpected– and it also shed some unbecoming light on the Elders. Charity used Bailey’s death to make him a scapegoat for the demon deaths and made it look like he killed himself. Talk about a total dick move! For me, it shows the Elders aren’t all that concerned with mortal’s wellbeing. I get that it solved a lot of problems for the witch community, but I can’t help but feel there could have been a better way. Also, like how dead was he? I feel like an Elder witch should be able to bring him back and erased his memory—just saying?

Mel’s been having trouble keeping her witch world away from Niko while keeping their relationship going, so the Bailey situation is not going to sit well with her. Looking at the previews for next week, it appears she might do something drastic to keep Niko safe—like erase their whole relationship. I hope she doesn’t, she has been questioning everything since episode one, and I want her to keep it up. Just because the Elder’s frown on witch-human relationships, doesn’t mean they can’t work. I want Mel to tell her the truth so that Niko is armed with knowledge that would help her survive. I want Charmed to take a page from Wynonna Earp and show that having a responsibility to save the world doesn’t mean it comes at the cost of everything else. I want to see women in power and having personal lives. I want Niko to be an ally and a supportive girlfriend to Mel. Charmed has thus far done well at mixing up the expected, I want to see them to continue that trend.

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