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The search for Cicada is interrupted by the threat of a new meta. At a company baseball game, the risk of a bomber is thwarted by Nora. It makes for a great headline but is suspicious from the start. The bomber, Officer Jones, and Nora have no recollection of the events until they are over. At first, it’s only Iris who suspects it’s something more than a weird coincidence and it can’t possibly be because of a Meta. That is until Nora and Barry face a massive fire, and out of nowhere, Barry runs to Los Vegas. During his run, no one can get through to him, and Nora is left to battle the blaze on her own. It’s like he’s in a trance and it doesn’t break until he’s completed his mission. Just like Nora, he has no recollection of the events until he’s done.

As the viewer, we know Iris is on the right track. A famous news app developer, Spencer Young, seems to know the news right as it happens. In fact, it’s like she’s forcing it to happen through her phone. Clearly, she must be a Meta, but when Iris tests this theory, all results come back negative. Because Iris and Spencer are perceived to be rivals, Nora only sees Iris as jealous of Spencer’s excellent reporting and scoffs at the theory Spencer is behind the weird events. Her attitude towards Iris makes it difficult for the team to make headway into the investigation; there is obvious resentment beyond the typical mother-daughter confrontations, but rather than get it out in the open, Nora chooses to be passive aggressive.

With most of Team Flash distracted, Ralph pushes Sherloque into joining him in the search for Cicada. Ralph believes the mask worn is the key to finding him. Sherloque mocks this idea and takes every opportunity to insult him for thinking it could help. Ralph doesn’t feed into his attitude and keeps moving forward, even when it’s discovered thousands of local factory workers commonly wear the mask. The discovery makes it seem like the search was for naught, but it helps narrow down what type of person Cicada can be. It’s enough information for Sherloque to paint a profile of the Meta killer: a dad, with a breathing problem that is beyond asthma– something is physically causing him pain to breathe that deeply.

The new Meta is causing these weird newsworthy events. It’s soon discovered that Spencer is beyond it. She can place words on a screen and hypnotize the person they are meant for into doing just that. So when Nora reads that she’ll kill The Flash, she attempts that precise thing. Iris reacts quickly, showing up to disable Nora’s powers so they can break the hypnosis. She manages to execute quickly enough that Barry can capture Spencer until CCPD shows up.

From there, the team discovers it’s Spencer’s phone that has Meta abilities. Now Cicada’s story begins to clear up; he’s someone injured by the satellite breaking apart, and like Spencer’s phone, uses a dagger with Meta abilities to kill others. Now that is a fun villain to fight.

We conclude with Nora finally being pushed to come clean to Iris on why she has been so mean. Apparently, up until six months ago, Nora didn’t know she had powers. Future Iris put a power dampening chip in her so they would be suppressed. Iris admits she could see herself doing it to protect her, and Barry agrees. Furious, Nora storms off to stay with Joe and Cecil. It’s a typical teenage reaction, yet Barry and Iris seemed shocked. They couldn’t provide her with the easy answer; growing up with super speed would complicate her life. Maybe suppressing her power wasn’t a forever situation, but at the moment Nora isn’t going to cool down to find out.

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