The Flash S5E2, Review – Blocked

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Now that Barry has his job back at CCPD, investigating Meta-Humans has become a lot easier for the team. So much so, Ralph and Caitlin have enough time to cheer Cisco up and help him get over Gypsy. He doesn’t do so willingly, but Caitlin pushes him to follow Ralph’s guidelines in getting over heartbreak.

It’s not too cringey; Ralph’s lessons are more about self-assurance, having fun, and treating yourself right. Cisco despises every bit of it, despite Caitlin cheering him on. While it’s not unlike Caitlin to be supportive of her friends, the way she’s pushing Cisco is excessive. It doesn’t take long for her intentions to become clear: she doesn’t want to find out the truth of her dad’s death. She’s afraid of being rejected; if he’s been alive this whole time, where has he been? With gentle assurance, Cisco manages to convince her that it is worth learning the truth about her dad. It’s enough for Caitlin to give it a shot. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to discover the person who filled out her father’s death certificate was her mom.

While Ralph, Cisco, and Caitlin worked on themselves, Barry and Iris worked on being parents to Nora. Despite mostly being raised by Iris in her time, Nora’s personality screams Barry– impulsive and headstrong. It’s frustrating for Barry to watch her make the same mistakes he did, and without capable back up they end up losing their Meta of the week, Block (Cisco’s naming was off this week).

By the time Nora and Barry find their footing, a new Villian has stepped onto the scene. Called Cicada, because of his chattering mask, his introduction wasn’t quite as flashy as The Thinker last season. His mysterious past is clearly linked with Nora. In their second meeting with Block, Barry is effortlessly attacked by Cicada, who only stops when he catches sight of Nora, and not much is said after.

There is something compelling watching someone learn how to use the powers they have been given– especially if we’ve watched their mentor grow, and now can pass on their knowledge. Nora and Barry’s storyline opens Barry up from his gritty pessimistic outlook he started to fall into after Savitar. I don’t know what to make of Cicada just yet; his quiet entrance is different from other villains in the past. I know I say this every year, but I’m excited to see where this season goes. There are a few interesting storylines on the horizon, and I hope they deliver.

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