American Horror Story S8E5&6 Review: Boy Wonder & Return to Murder House

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American Horror Story: Boy Wonder & Return to Murder House

Original air dates: October 10th & 17th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

When it comes to televisions, most of the time I’m only halfway happy. These past two episodes have given me everything I have ever wanted from AHS. I am so beyond ecstatic—I’m Misty Day twirling while listening to Stevie Nicks happy. These past two episodes were the best two episodes AHS has ever done. I loved them so much, it makes me afraid that something will happen to crush my soul.

Last week Michael retrieved Misty Day from Hell and Cordelia is getting her Coven back. She acquiesced to the warlocks and allowed Michael to perform the Seven Wonders, but she took a page out of her mom’s play book to see what exactly she is up against. Now if we could get Nan and even Marie Laveau back I could die happy. I wonder if retrieving persons from Hell or the Cortez is easier than separating them from Papa Legba? That is who has dominion over Nan, Marie and Delphine Lalaurie. It also looked like he’ll make an appearance in next week’s episode and I’m curious to see how that will play out. Is a Voodoo Loa more or less powerful than the Antichrist? I would imagine in either case it would behoove Papa Legba to rid the world of Michael.

Cordelia knew right away that Michael is something unnatural and I think it shows that the witches are more powerful than the warlocks. The men were so enamored by Michael’s powers and what they could do for them, that they dismissed all the warning signs. Well mostly– John Henry Moore knew, but was killed by Miriam Mead before he could warn Cordelia. Ariel is in cahoots with the Satanists so that might contribute to the wool being pulled over the eyes of the other warlocks, so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them.

At least Behold is noticing things aren’t quite right with Michael, and this led him and Madison to the Murder House. Which brings me to this week’s episode—aka the greatest episode of all time. How great was it to see 99% of the original cast in their original roles? Not only that, but this episode allowed closure for some of the residents of Murder House. Madison and Behold retrieved Moira’s bones and she was finally able to reunite with her mother. I full on cried—big ugly sobs, I was so happy for her. The scene with her and her mother was beautiful. Moira didn’t deserve the suffering she endured and I’m glad she was the spirit able to get out.

Madison is quickly becoming my favorite witch (I think her time in Hell did her some good): she reunited Tate and Violet. I think she was correct in saying that Tate had been a tool used by the house, and that the evil didn’t inherently come from him. Which makes me wonder if the same thing could be said about Michael. The Evilness that resides in him isn’t necessarily who he is completely. Or at least that was possibly the case prior to the Black Mass. There are moments when he does seem shocked at what he has done—is that an act or not? I don’t think it matters too much, because either way he needs to be destroyed; it would just add a little sadness to the act if there was a normal scared child somewhere within the Michael we know causes the end of the world.

I also loved that this episode filled in a lot of the blanks. Constance (Jessica Lange) came back and it was amazing. She is such an amazing actress—can we get her nominated for every award ever for her work in this episode? She shares the story of raising Michael and what led to her taking her life in the Murder House. Her line about how she was put on this Earth to be the mother of Monsters, resonated deeply. I think that described every role she portrayed in the series. I felt like a nice goodbye to her in the series, as well. I don’t think she has plans to return and I think this gave us some closure and though I would love to see her again, I’m completely okay with her exiting AHS for good.

Vivian and Ben Harmon were two other characters that made an appearance, and it was great to see them again. Although they aren’t back together, it seems sharing their stories of Michael helped bring them closer together again, and if the world doesn’t end they have a long time to work on their marriage.

Which leads me to my final thought. I might be a little slow on the uptake dear readers as my ah-ha moment came at the end of the episode. We know Cordelia has visions– what if the beginning of the season was just one possible outcome? The annihilation of Humanity is one possible outcome that arises if the true Supreme does not stop Michael. We’ve had these flashbacks, or what we’ve considered flashbacks for three episodes now, what if they are not flashbacks but present time? Cordelia asked Miriam to trust her and I think we need to trust her as well. We’ve seen the future that totally sucks, maybe now we are seeing the present actions that will stop it from happening. This would be a nice way to continue on the next two seasons as well—just saying.


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