Wynonna Earp Season 3 Finale Review

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Wynonna Earp: Daddy Lessons and War Paint
Original air date: September 28, 2018
Warning: Spoilers

I’m not one to brag—just kidding I’m totally am, but did I call it? I so called it, about Charlie being Julian! Totally nailed the flaming sword too. I was however wrong about Doc, he was just all hopped-up on angel blood. Also I was mostly right about Waverly, she didn’t turn to stone, but she did get trapped in the Garden of Eden (or where ever that door really leads to). We were bombarded with tons of reveals over these two episodes and they gave us a lot to speculate with until the next season. As far as season finales go—this one was flippin’ awesome (not that I had any doubts it would be).

This marks an end to one very key aspect to the show. The curse is kaput. Bulshar is dead and Wynonna no longer is tasked with killing all the Revenants. In a way the Revenants no longer exist; with the curse lifted I assume the ones left are just plain ol’ human. I wonder if this means a return of Rosita? The curse however had been around for a while, so I can’t imagine things are going to be all kumbaya between the ex-Revenants and Wynonna. Though now that they have their freedom, all the remaining ex-Revenants might disperse in the wind (I for one would forgo revenge to see the world if I’d been stuck in the same place for a hundred plus years).

One Revenant that didn’t make it was poor Bobo. I was always sympathetic to his predicament, however part of me felt his situation was due to him making the same mistakes over and over. He always took the easy way out and that led him to teaming up with the wrong side. Having said that—if Jeremy had released him, we could have seen a human Bobo that might have evolved more as a person. Alas, it doesn’t matter, and his character will be missed. Not as much as some (RIP Dolls—and no I’m still not over it).

Poor Charlie aka Julian didn’t survive the showdown either, which wasn’t surprising, but I really wanted him to be around when Wynonna explained her relationship with him to Mama Earp. It would’ve been so awkward and hilarious. I am happy that Waverly was able to learn the truth; she didn’t get to know him all that well, but she did get to know him some and his saving Nicole was the best gift he could have given her.

Speaking of Nicole—I’m so glad is alive (phew) and the scene with her a Waverly, where Waverly proposed was so beautiful. We didn’t get Nicole’s answer because Wynonna interrupted, and I think that was perfect. Thinking back to how many times she has interrupted them it made the scene complete. When they do get married (I know in my heart of hearts this will happen) I fully expect Wynonna to sneeze or trip right as they are saying their “I Dos”.

As soon as Waverly climbed those stairs I was afraid she would be trapped. I know she needed to get to Peacemaker, but she should have climbed down right away! It sucks that she got trapped, but I also think Doc going after her is how he will redeem himself. We know he isn’t too far gone as Julian said he wouldn’t be able to hold his sword if he was, so that’s good news. Doc following Waverly in might be the was he regains his humanity—I just don’t know about him staying a vampire, I think it served its purpose for this season. Had he not been a vampire, Wynonna would have died when Bulshar bit her. As for the future of the series I feel like there will be some other evolution of this character. Also, we have seen the back and forth between them for three seasons now, what I would like to see is them dealing with being in a relationship together. I think Wynonna Earp is well crafted show, it doesn’t need the will they/ won’t they plot to keep it going. The characters are continuously evolving, and I would like to see this growth in Wynonna and Doc.

So, at the end only Wynonna and Nedley (yay) are left as Nicole, Jeremy and Robin are missing and the only clue to their whereabouts is “VALDEZ” carved into the wall. Is this Valdez from the comic-books? If so, are we going to see a return of Black Badge in season four? I feel the show could bring them back into the fold, as the curse is kaput, and this could be a way to introduce the monsters we see in the comics. Really I could speculate until the cows come home, but all I really know is that I cannot wait to see season four!

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