American Horror Story S8E4 Review: Could It Be…Satan

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American Horror Story: Could It Be…Satan

Original air date: October 3, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

First, am I the only one that has to say the name of this episode using Dana Carvey’s Church Lady voice?

So this week we were treated to flashbacks and within those flashbacks—more flashbacks. Now I’m not always the biggest fan of flashbacks, but these were very useful in helping us figure what the heck is going on.

We knew that the Outpost used to be a boy’s school (Hawthorne School for Exceptional young Men), but now we know it was the male equivalent to Miss Robichaux’s Academy. Just like with the witches, the warlocks also have a hierarchy with the most powerful warlock being called an Alpha. There apparently hasn’t been an Alpha in a long time, so the honor of the most powerful welder of magic has fallen to a Supreme for a very long time. This all changes with Michael Langdon, but is he really the Alpha?

I would say no. I think the reason he was able to do what Cordelia couldn’t is because his powers correspond to the evil that trapped Queenie in the Cortez, and Madison in Hell. If he is the Anti-Christ like it was speculated in season one, then his magic comes from some place dark (Hell). As we don’t see anyone from the school, I’m guessing they didn’t survive long with Michael. They all should have been listening to John Henry Moore (Cheyenne Jackson). Unfortunately, the other warlocks are too excited at the prospect of an Alpha, so they completely ignore his concerns. I’m guessing they all met a gruesome end akin to the detective that was interrogating Michael.

Besides the big reveal of warlocks, we see how Cordelia hid away powerful witches. They were under spells to hide their true identities. Cordelia knows (or will with a vision) that Michael is an aberration of magic, which I think is the key to why all of this has happened in the first place. Michael shouldn’t exist. There shouldn’t have been a little half ghost baby to begin with, but the evil that saturates the Murder House (and the Cortez) needed an outlet. If the evil that inhabits these buildings is sentient, it could be assumed it would want to spread—nuclear war seems like a feasible result of unbridled evil unleashed in the world.

During the flashbacks I don’t know if Michael is fully aware of what is happening. He did kill the one police officer just because he could, but does he know where his power is coming from, or does he truly think he is the Alpha? This is very uncharacteristic of me—but I hope we get some more flashbacks to flush out the story. I think we need it, and I think when we get to see more of the bigger picture, and possibly a large twist coming.

What I don’t get (yet) is why we were introduced to so many new characters, specifically Timothy and Emily, just to have them die. Were the first three episodes just setting up a power struggle between the witches and warlocks or is there more to it? We keep hearing about how “special” these survivors were. Mallory, Coco and Dinah are witches, but what was so special about the others? I’ve read rumors that Emily and/or Timothy were possibly related to Kit (Evan Peters) from season two, and that maybe they are “special” because they have some alien DNA—but the last time we saw them, they were rather dead. Do they still have a bigger part to play? It seems weird the first episodes built up their romance only to kill them off, and this is AHS so just because they are dead now doesn’t mean they will stay dead. I do hope there isn’t a tie to season two. I didn’t dig the alien aspect, but that is because so much was going on in season two, the aliens seemed too much. I guess if they did tie-in this season with aliens it could justify them it, but still would seem like they were trying too hard to tie-in everything.

Not that I’m opposed to all the tie-ins. Quite the contrary, I love we were able to briefly visit the Cortez and Evan Peters as James March (I love that character way too much). I loved seeing Madison’s Hell. Anyone who has worked retail probably has the fear that their Hell will look very similar. All these recurring characters I love, so maybe I just have a personal distaste for season two.

Seeing Queenie and Zoe in this episode made my night, yet it also makes me fearful—we don’t see them outside the flashbacks– do they not make it? Or are they elsewhere while Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison go confront Michael? Also, if it just them and the newly resurrected witches, are they strong enough to defeat Michael?

Finally, in the flashbacks—I loved that Michael’s hair looked just like Tate’s from season one. Michael’s breakfast with the original Miriam Mead was a great scene—I loved how wholesome it looked and then panned out to the shrine to Satan. Miriam arguing with the butcher over the goat head was fabulous and I just want to go on the record in saying that Kathy Bates rocks. All in all, this is on my list of favorite episodes and I cannot wait to see where the show takes us!


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