American Horror Story S8E3 Review: Forbidden Fruit

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American Horror Story: Forbidden Fruit

Original air date: September 26, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

PSA: If someone whose been slightly hostile to you, is a creepy old lady or a giant snake, offers you an apple—just say no.

I loved the opening sequence to this episode! I loved that Mallory was able to scare Michael. Mallory is a witch and that is so awesome, but what is not cool is that Michael thought he killed them all, the jerk! I was right in thinking that witches would be the ones able to stop Michael, or have the best shot at defeating him; whether they do is to be determined.

The Supreme and company arrived (finally) right after Ms. Venable killed everyone with poisoned apples and in turn got killed by Miriam. I guess when one Sarah Paulson character dies, another rises to take her place. As fun as it would be to see Sarah Paulson play off herself, I think it would’ve been a novelty that distracted from the story; there was no other course of action than to kill off Venable.

I was surprised that everyone else died as well but knew that it meant the witches had to be closeby to resurrect them (or at least some of them,it would be a hard show to watch with no one in it). I’ve been waiting for this moment and it did not disappoint (I love these ladies), but I have a burning question that’s sparking some fear—what if Michael did succeed in killing all the witches? If Venable wasn’t lying about it being Halloween, then we could be seeing the ghosts of Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison. We know from AHS season one that on Halloween spirits can venture forth away from their normal trappings and that would explain how they just waltzed up in there looking fabulous.

I’m hoping that is not the case, and there are some details that could prove they are alive. They have powers—can ghost witches bring back the dead? If they could, then couldn’t they also just bring back themselves? I mean they’ve all been dead or maimed before, so even if Michael thought he killed them, nothing says they stayed dead. Also, The Supreme is the picture of radiant health—what’s a little radiation?

What if the Sanctuary isn’t what Michael says it is—what if the witches created it and Michael is trying to create a legion of evil to overthrow it? Ahhhh!!! I just had a thought—remember how Fiona and Marie killed the heads of the witch hunters in season three? Well, what if that just bruised the operation, but didn’t destroy it? Maybe the Cooperative is the one in the same? They could’ve hired Michael to finish off the witches. I feel we will be seeing some flashbacks to what prompted the nuclear attacks—maybe the mere humans in the world got caught in the crosshairs of an epic battle between good and evil.

Now my favorite thing possibly about this episode (besides witches) is that Brock (Billy Eichner) survived that blast and the following months just to find Coco and kill her. That is dedication!. That seems like the kind of thing that Michael would find admirable. We didn’t see where he went to after he killed Coco, so I’m guessing he is lurking about somewhere. I at least hope so because how great would it be if he sees Coco alive and well. Also, I think either Michael or the witches could fix him (I mean he does really need it) so it would be fortuitous if he was hanging around. Lurking around inside the Outpost seems like a better alternative to outside.

I am curious as to why the three characters brought were back to life. We know Mallory has some powers, but the decision to bring back Coco and Dinah is interesting. First, I’m glad Coco isn’t gone forever, Leslie Grossman is so good in this role– she cracks me up and we need the levity her character provides. Dinah hasn’t really had much of a role, so there must be more to her than what we’ve seen (smelling some flashbacks to come). All we know is that her son hated her and thought she was evil. I wonder if she will be upset that she was brought back, but not her son. Also, am I the only one that didn’t realize she was Andre Stevens’ mother? I didn’t even notice they had the same last name until now. Both were so in the background that I really didn’t pay them much attention. Which makes me wonder if key clues could be found with them, hidden in their prosaic manner.

Oh yeah, Miriam Mead is a robot. No big deal apparently, and if we believe Michael, he helped create her (very Anakin of him) and programmed her to be like the one person that truly understood him. My guess is she is based on Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange). He also installed a fail safe to have her loyal to him above everyone else. So is she the only robot or are there more? Also—hello! A robot? Did Venable know? Like how is this news handled so nonchalantly? Maybe a robotic uprising is what caused the end of the world.


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