American Horror Story S8E2 Review: The Morning After

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American Horror Story: The Morning After

Original air date: September 19, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Well good news for all who purchased the Rubber Man suit for Halloween a few years ago—it is back and relevant once again.

Last season of AHS was grounded, so it’s fun to see more supernatural elements at play again. It is throwing me for a bit of a loop, because I’m not sure what to believe at all. There are expectations when it comes to AHS—we know there will be twists and turns, crosses and double-crosses, but what the heck is really going on? Things have gotten super weird fast.

I feel things are getting wonky because of Michael Langdon– I feel he is behind these strange occurrences. If Michael is the Antichrist, I’m sure he has some supernatural powers. I think the Rubber Man is partly Michael—I was thinking maybe he can be both at the same time as he is part human and part spirit, and I could see how his spirit side could take on that form. Or maybe he is projecting the Rubber Man, the snakes, even the computer. It all started with the Tyler Durden-esque flashes of Michael (I think) in the pentagram—was he casting spells or were those images put in Gallant’s head?

The people in the Outpost are seeing what they want to see, and they are being led into temptation. Emily and Timothy have wanted to consummate their relationship and there was a functioning Macbook that basically told them they could. Gallant wanted some kinky sex—boom Rubber Man. The snakes, well I don’t know who would want to see snakes, but maybe that is Michael being creepy and the symbology of snakes tied to evil and the Devil and to temptation make me believe they were portents of what was to come this episode.

Which makes me wonder if he was the downfall of the other Outposts. I mean isn’t the Antichrist all about the end of the world and humanity? So, wouldn’t Michael want them all to die—I think he’s just messing with them and making them do the work. He got Gallant to kill his Grandma, Timothy and Emily are on the verge of being executed, and Tim shot some people, so the numbers are dropping fast. I just don’t know if he wants them all dead or if the Sanctuary is real and the those worthy to go are those that are corruptible. Maybe the goal is to create a new world not in God’s image but the Devil’s.

I don’t think all is lost for humanity—I think the witches will be the ones that save the day. Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman” interrupted Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”– I think it is a message that they are coming. We keep seeing that clip of them walking into the Outpost, it better not be just a teaser! Coven was my favorite season, so I really really want to see these characters again. Last week I was caught up with the notion that not everyone lived—but hello? Witches, I’m sure Cordelia was able to bring back to life those that perished. She maybe even was able to retrieve Misty Day from Hell.

Speaking of Hell—what if this is like a Lost sort of situation. What if the Outpost is Hell and the occupants are already dead? Or maybe this is what aliens do when they abduct us. Besides the supernatural elements going on—what the heck is Miriam Mead? I’m not a doctor, but her gunshot wound did not look normal or well, human. What if she is an android? Maybe this is a Westworld like situation. Yeah, I’m totally throwing out every theory I can think of so if one of them stick I can say I knew it all along.

Side note: Gallant telling his grandma he should have put her in the Motion Picture home when he had a chance might have been the funniest moment (for me, since my day job is at a certain home…)


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