Wynonna Earp S3E8 Review: Waiting Forever For You

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Wynonna Earp: Waiting Forever For You

Original air date: September 7, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Let’s take a moment to bow down to the writers of Wynonna Earp. There was so much crammed into this episode, yet at first glance it may not have seemed that way. I plan on watching the episode again—I’m sure I missed some things. I spent the day digesting what happened and what we learned. Also, I went to the grocery store and I’m never going to look at a potato the same way again. To be honest, since the previews for the season I’ve been wondering why he was licking a potato and now I finally have that answered.

This whole season I’ve been wary of Kate and now I feel like I didn’t give her a fair shake. As far as vampires are concerned, she doesn’t seem that bad. f her diet consists of eating creeps, then she is sort of doing a public service. This episode also addressed my questions as to if Doc could revert to mortal—that would be a no. I thoroughly enjoyed the blend of fiction and fact concerning Kate. The explanation of why she didn’t look like her picture, delving into her Hungarian past, and mixing in vampire lore was some incredible writing. We also learned how she was connected to Bulshar (it wasn’t the nefarious plot twist I expected). She denied him knowledge of his future and he’s the type that holds a grudge. The flashback to Kate and Doc squaring off against Constance and Bulshar was a nice way to add to the story we know. Charbroiled Constance was a fun blast from the past and I think she has led to a big reveal.

Peacemaker glowed Blue when Wynonna shot her. We have seen this twice before: when Wynonna shot Willa and when Waverly shot at Rosita. Thus far we don’t know why—but I have a theory. I think Peacemaker is reacting to the intent of the shooter. Constance and Willa’s deaths were acts of mercy and compassion, one could argue acts of love. Waverly shooting at Rosita was induced by her need to protect those she loved (Wynonna and Alice). It makes me wonder if the Earp curse is sort of self-fueling—and the intent behind the shooting might be more important than we know. Maybe to break a curse enacted out of hate, acts of love might be more important than killing all the Revenants.

I’m happy that this episode spelled out for Wynonna why Doc became a vampire. First, I want to say, I don’t think Doc being a vampire is a deal-breaker—I think of it as just having special dietary needs. Waverly’s a vegan and no one is holding that against her. Second, now Wynonna knows Doc did it out of love for her and Kate seems to be bowing out of the fight for Doc’s heart. It seemed like Wynonna and Doc would be able to mend fences, but Bulshar seems to have crappy timing and we were left with a cliffhanger. That was frustrating, but not as frustrating as what brought them to that moment.

I want to ask the universe—why did Doc keep those damn tarot cards? Even if he didn’t grasp the importance prior to his well prison, you would think that when Bulshar’s name came up, Doc would think hey this might be something to deal with—maybe I should burn these cards or tell someone about them—but nope, this is the first we hear about it. It seemed a little reckless, even by Doc standards. I did however like Wynonna’s solution and that led to the biggest reveal of the episode.

So the Ghost River triangle protects the Garden of Eden? Like, huh? Totally did not see that one coming and are we talking like a portal to it or something, because like Nicole pointed out—are we sure it is in North America? I am extremely curious as to how this will play out and maybe the Garden is where Waverly’s dad has been hanging out.

Speaking of Waverly—can she stop putting her finger in things for a season? In this case it worked out well, she got to use a finishing move on Constance. I feel her part Angel half is going to have to deal with this ring more, and I hope it helps with kicking Bulshar’s ass. Oh, and let’s not forget how Waverly thought Nicole was proposing! Ahhhh! I want this to happen! I think a wedding would be a great episode next season.

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