Wynonna Earp S3E7 Review: I Fall To Pieces

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Wynonna Earp: I Fall To Pieces

Original air date: August 31, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Well balls. This episode started off as my most favorite episode ever—but the end killed me. Which is classic Wynonna Earp and I would expect nothing less. I love episodes that shake up the dynamics of a group. We usually see Nicole and Waverly together, Wynonna with Doc or Dolls (RIP Dolls, I’m still not over you.) and Jeremy is in the lab. Nedley forced Wynonna and Nicole to work together and we were treated to our own little buddy-cop episode of WE and it was incredibly awesome.

The monster of the week was probably the least scary and most romantic that we’ve seen. He was just a gnome looking for love after his wife got smashed into pieces. The monster wasn’t that important—WynHaught was the real story. There’s always been a mutual respect and trust for each other, but when it’s come to working together they tend to butt heads. Being shackled together and their shared fondness for Coyote Ugly has created a new dimension to their friendship.

They both are loyal, protective and fight for what is right, but it is the opposing aspects of their personalities that when combined make them a powerhouse team. Their goals are usually similar but how they execute their plans is wildly different. When they work together there is a balancing of the crazy and the by-the-book plays. In a way I think Nicole is the new Dolls, as he tempered Wynonna in the same way. Wynonna is good at going in guns-a-blazing; she is quick to react and that comes in handy. Nicole is good with plans and thinking things through and in a more pragmatic sense she is better with paperwork, diplomacy and placating the public. That stuff isn’t as exciting as say shooting things, but it is equally important.

I love that Nedley was the one that rescued Nicole from the Cult of Bulshar attack when she was a child. It warmed my little heart that he kept tabs on her throughout the years and posted a job opening after he saw she was graduating from the police academy. When he said she was like a daughter to him—full ugly cry. The scene was so well done and beautiful. Nicole’s confession of everything good in her life came from the Ghost River Triangle was both tragic and incredibly uplifting. Nicole has found her family.

Nicole said Wynonna fiercely protects those she loves—so when she saw Wynonna put Bunny in her place and demand Nicole be sheriff, she should definitely know Wynonna loves her. That was one of the best moments of the episode. Wynonna defended Nicole and spoke the truth– most of the people in Purgatory don’t want to know what is really going on. If a creepy gnome made Bunny “fancy faint”, imagine what would happen if she saw something worse. (I laughed way too hard and rewatched the scene when Bunny saw the gnome and screamed “ISIS”). Nedley kept the supernatural truth away from general population and I think Nicole will continue to protect and serve in the same manner.

The thing I don’t get is Mama Earp leaving. I mean I know she is searching for the love of her life, and maybe Julian’s presence is needed to help defeat Bulshar, but why not tell Waverly and Wynonna? She left letters, but why be cryptic? I would like to see a show where a character spoke what they were feeling and provide all their information. For example: Mama Earp could have made a nice dinner, sat the girls down and told them she was going to search for Julian because hey they could use some angelic help, and oh by the way Bobo is free. Also, Doc is a vampire so stock up on garlic, here’s some pie.

Miscommunication is at the root of most of the drama in shows, so I get the need. Still I would like to see characters that have all the information they need, but the drama comes from trying to see how the information offers a solution.

Though I guess, “Wynonna, don’t trust Doc…” is straight forward. It did prompt (well, with some slapping) Doc to reveal he’s a vampire. Wynonna didn’t take the news that well, which is understandable. At the beginning of the season Doc was distant and Wynonna pushed, but also gave him the space he needed to come to terms with all that happened last season. When Wynonna needed time to process Kate being Doc’s wife, Dolls death and her mother’s return—Doc pouted and turned to his wife and asked for immortality. Blaming Wynonna for his choice was a low blow and undeserved.

I guess I’m with Wynonna in expecting more from Doc. He can be a good person, but I think it is easier to go down the darker path and to fall back into bad habits. Kate is saying she is accepting of his faults and encourages his deviance. I have a feeling things are going to get darker for Doc before it gets better. I also think Kate needs to be dusted—I don’t think she’s a good person or has anyone’s interests in mind but her own.

I am curious to know how vampy Doc really is. I mean is this like a Lost Boys deal where he is only mostly vampire until he feeds, or has he gone full blown Dracula? Would he revert back to human if Kate is killed or nah? I guess I’m hoping there is some sort of out for him since he really didn’t think the whole thing out.


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