Preacher Season Three Finale Review: The Light Above

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Preacher: The Light Above

Original air date: August 26, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

This season of Preacher has been my favorite. I’m sad that it is over—but wowza what an ending! This was an incredible episode from beginning to end. I loved the opening scene with young Jesse, praying in his room with God watching and then in the kitchen contemplating killing his Gran’ma with the Devil watching. Finishing the scene with the young Jesse leaving and talking to  the returning modern day Jesse was amazing—the muted colors of the past changing into vibrant colors just made it perfect. With a show as out there like Preacher, it’s easy to forget that it is a well-crafted and beautifully shot show.

It’s the details for me that make this show incredible, like the Nazis that come to rescue Hitler. They were dressed exactly how I would imagine modern day Nazis would dress, down to a certain red ball cap. The battle between them, Sydney, and TSoK was spectacular. In the bus, Tulip versus the Nazis was a great fight scene, but my favorite moment was how gleeful Hitler looked when he was about to pounce on Eugene. Their fight scene was hilarious– I love how hard Eugene fought.

One of my favorite things about the show is when moments from the comic are brought to life. Last week the scene with Herr Starr trying on wigs was a great nod to the comic. This week, Jody’s last words, “prouda, boy”, were right from the comic and though I expected them, I didn’t expect the impact they had on me.  Jeremy Childs delivered those words so well I momentarily felt sorry for him. Jody, much like Gran’ma, loved Jesse in his own warped manner. I don’t blame Jesse one minute for killing him but having said that and knowing his death was highly probable—I’m going to miss the big guy.

TC will be missed as well. There was something heartbreaking in his choice to die because he had nowhere else to go. Again, props to Colin Cunningham for making a character that is as demented as TC a likeable character. In the comics I had no remorse when they went bye-bye, but with this show I felt sadder than I expected to be. I can’t help feeling that in this interpretation of the character, TC could have thrived in a different setting; he was a victim of his circumstances—though the animals he “loved” might not agree with me.

Speaking of deaths—who thought Jesse should have called Tulip up and had her kill Gran’ma? I mean if he waited a few minutes he would not be damned to Hell and Tulip would have relished the opportunity… seems like a win-win to me. Alas, Jesse did kill her by hooking her up to her soul extractor. I hope it was painful! (For the character, not for Betty Buckley—she is a treasure and should be treated as such.) Angelville is no more and now Jesse is free from his past. For which I’m very glad, but where will they go from here? This is pure selfishness, but I hope they stay in New Orleans for at least a while longer. I love the city as the backdrop for the show: I think it has just the right amount of weird.

However, we are no longer playing chess here, this is now a game of checkers—I imagine Jesse and Tulip will have to go to Herr Starr and rescue Cassidy.  Speaking of which—my guess would be that it was Seraphi we saw chained up above Cassidy. (If you don’t know, Seraphi is the angel that slept with the demon that created Genesis.) I wish Tulip had taken God up on his offer to help Cassidy, he has been through so much. At least he is alive and Eccarius is kaput. I’m so happy Mrs. Rosen listened to Cassidy and tried to contact the missionary vampires. Also, I’m beyond happy she and Kevin survived the Grail attack on the nest, though it is a bummer about their house. I would love if there was a stand-alone episode next season of her and Kevin just doing vampire stuff. Like perhaps they can fly and shapeshift and those powers have nothing to do with eating other vampires, and it turns out Cassidy is just bad at being a vampire.

I mean, Hitler is now in charge of Hell now. I’m glad TSoK gouged Sydney’s eyes out, I think it was deserved, and hey why not kill the Devil? I love how Hitler just went behind the desk and Sydney was totally cool with it. Hitler running Hell is something I need to see. (A sentence I never thought I would write.) There is so much more to the story of Preacher, I cannot wait to see more. I’m optimistic for the next season, I mean God is a loving God so that means season four is a given—right?

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