Wynonna Earp S3E6 Review: If We Make It Through December

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Wynonna Earp: If We Make It Through December

Original air date: August 24, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

First the happy stuff—Yay! Jeremy got a kiss from Robin. I’m happy for him and I hope it lasts, but there is that green slimy stuff and the icky seed thing that causes some concern. (I’ll say the prop department did an excellent job making that stuff look super gross.)  What is Bulshar up to? Does it brainwash or bind the founding families to him? Is Robin a double agent now? (Well, the happy went away fast in this paragraph.) I want Jeremy to have a relationship; he’s the only one not getting any and that can make anyone cranky. Hopefully whatever Bulshar did can be reversed.

Okay, more happy stuff (mostly)—Waverly and Nicole seem to be in a good spot after last week. I think it is adorable how Waverly dresses up and dances for Nicole, like how can they keep getting cuter? WayHaught is the ultimate couple goal! Nicole becoming sheriff is great news– I think she is ready for that position. The promotion isn’t too surprising, as it seemed like Nedley was headed to the decision to retire since the vampire attacks, but I’ll miss him. He grew on me and I love we found out he binge-watched Pretty Little Liars after his officer was eaten by vampires, that was hilarious. I hope we still see him in the series, but I wouldn’t hold it against him if he moves far away to somewhere warm and demon free.

Now for some irksome stuff—why is Mama Earp (Michelle) so tight-lipped about Julian? I guess she doesn’t know Waverly all that well, but she should have gleaned Waverly won’t stop until she learns all about her father. Maybe Michelle just doesn’t know anything. She released Bobo for a reason, maybe she is as desperate for answers as Waverly.  The release of Bobo gives me mixed feelings. I love Bobo as a recurring villain (and sometimes ally), but at the same time he just got locked away,  so now they will have to deal with him all over again. Also, are we ignoring that Michelle is still a wanted fugitive? I feel like that is something that needs to be resolved.

Okay and here is what is upsetting me—Wynonna. I know she has trust issues, I know the death of Dolls is still fresh on her mind, but I know she has feelings for Doc and it crushed me that she didn’t tell him. Pushing him away is easier, and I think in her mind it is a way to keep him safe—but dammit, she is doing exactly what Kate wants and drove him into her arms. Doc needs to feel useful and relevant (I guess we all want to feel that way). He is a man out of time and he has adjusted well, but still the sting of feeling superfluous is greater for him.

So of course, he went to Kate and asked for immortality. I get why—he is afraid of death– that has been clearly established. I’m guessing he is also doing this for Wynonna, thinking if he isn’t mortal she will rely on him more. Finally, while Wynonna is giving him the cold shoulder, Kate’s been telling Doc how much she needs him and how much she loves him. She is giving him what he wants, but I don’t know if her motives are driven by real love for Doc or something else. I feel she is manipulating him and I’m not convinced she isn’t doing it for Bulshar.  My perception of Kate could be tainted, because I want Doc and Wynonna to be together—I’m expecting a double-cross from Kate, so I can be like, “I never liked her”.  An unexpected twist would be that Kate is there for Doc and she loves him more than anything and just wants to spend eternity with him.  I’m curious if having Bulshar’s ring will somehow alter Doc’s vampire rebirth?  Also, are we ever going to learn why his hand has been bandaged this whole season?

Finally, some random thoughts (probably because I have trust issues for Wynonna), what if Charlie is Julian? He’s totally unfazed by the supernatural, but he isn’t a Revenant, maybe he is an angel? I mean, they aren’t always. I feel this could be a twist crazy enough for WE—imagine Wynonna finding out she was canoodling with Waverly’s father? I might be off base, there’s no reason not to trust Charlie, but this is Purgatory we are talking about. Also, are we assuming Angels are good? What do you all think?

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