Preacher S3E8 Review: The Tom/Brady

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Preacher: The Tom/Brady

Original air date: August 12, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

A good measure of a show’s greatness is how fast the episode goes—and this episode flew by faster than Eccarius on blow. It seems like so much happened– yet really, did it? I feel this episode set up the final two episodes of the season, but as far as forward movement, there was very little. The episode was so damn entertaining I didn’t mind this in the least, and the end scene with Eugene, Hitler, Featherstone, Sidney (the angel of Death) and the TSoK waiting at the bus stop was visually amazing. It pains me to think we only have two episodes left; this season has been a one crazy rollercoaster ride that I don’t want to stop.

I love that Tulip outsmarted Sidney and set Featherstone in her place—too bad she has the souls, but I don’t think she’ll being going to Hell just yet. Hitler sent out an S.O.S. to Rick from Circuit Works and I think he’ll show up with reinforcements. As much as I’ve been hankering for a Tulip/Featherstone smackdown—I kind of want Tulip to whoop-ass on Hitler, it would be epic. Though I wonder how she’ll deal with running into TSoK? I don’t know if she’ll even meet them, but if they do, it has the potential to be the best thing ever

I also think we haven’t see the end of Tulip versus The Angel of Death. I don’t think Sidney will take too kindly to being swindled by Tulip. Sidney intrigues me; I don’t know if we need a backstory for her, but I would like to see more of her in future episodes. What does she do in her spare time? Does she have spare time, or does she live in the Devil’s office? Last season I hoped that Featherstone and Tulip would become real friends, and now I want that for Sid and Tulip. We need some female friendships up in this show. Think how awesome it would be if Tulip and Sid became besties: their nights out on the town would be filled with booze and bloodshed. Also I like the idea of another kickass female on the show.

There is something refreshing in the way the characters of the show are portrayed. Male, Female, gay, straight, bi, or into ducks—they all kick ass and there isn’t the bias normally seen in shows. I was a little worried about Tulip being pushed aside at the beginning of the season, but she is back in the forefront and I love it. I think Gran’ma Marie met her match with Tulip and now that Gran’ma sicked the Devil and his Minions on Tulip—I want Tulip to kill Gran’ma more than ever.

Speaking of Gran’ma, how great is her makeup? I love how she is muted and gray against all the color of the surroundings and other characters. It played nicely off the Devil– which also is some awesome makeup! I loved the scene between them, but I wish there had been a little more. I want to know exactly what Gran’ma promised the Devil, and what exactly she is getting out of the deal—I’m sure it is more than just getting rid of Tulip. We know she won’t hesitate to kill or send him to Hell, but that seems the least of Jesse’s problems.

Why didn’t Jesse shoot AllFather in the head to begin with? His predicament would’ve greatly improved, but then we would’ve missed out on all the exploding Humperdoos. I know AllFather wants the Messiah to have the Voice of God, but is it the best idea to put it in a guy that paints the wall with his poop? Or now that they have the perfect genetic cocktail of evil and goodness, will he want the voice for himself? I feel confident that Jesse will get out of this mess (unless there isn’t going to be another season), but when he does, it isn’t going to be fun to retrieve his soul. Also, does that mean the Allfather doesn’t poop? Or does someone have the job of putting the soul back each time he uses the facilities?  (I never thought I would talk about poop so much in a review—but this is Preacher we are talking about.)

Cassidy making Hoover a vampire is hilarious and might be my favorite part of this episode. I want to see more of him learning to be a vampire. I imagine at the end of this episode he’s running to the Grail, and maybe he will inadvertently save Jesse. Maybe by eating Allfather? He would be a substantial meal for a newbie vamp. I like Hoover (probably because he is so bad at his job), and I’m glad that Eccarius didn’t get to eat him. Also I’m so happy that Cassidy found out about Eccarius, but I’m worried looking at the previews for next week—it looks like it is going to be a painful breakup. Finally, I want it to be Kevin that saves Cassidy—maybe with bees?


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