Wynonna Earp S3E4 Review: No Cure For Crazy


Wynonna Earp: No Cure For Crazy

Original air date: August 10, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Well, Hell—that did not end how I expected. First, how great was it to see Lost Girl alumni Zoie Palmer? When I heard she was joining the cast, I expected her role to be more akin to Rachel Skarsten’s Eliza from last season. I love that Palmer is playing a demon named Jolene and apparently an excellent baker (I was crushing on those desserts and I’m currently eating a cinnamon roll—you should totally get one).  Jolene’s treats are so good, they seem to have put everyone in a spell. Looking at the previews for next week, that seems to include Mama Earp.

Leading up to this we find out that Mama Earp is in prison because she set her barn on fire with Waverly in it. It looked like Mama Earp was trying to kill Waverly for being a demon, but it turns out she was trying to kill the demon (Jolene) attached to Waverly. Now the question is: how did Jolene come about; is she connected to Bulshar? Was it Jolene, Bulshar, or someone else that Doc heard on the Mama Earp prison recording?

I want to know more about  Mama Earp’s reasons for staying in prison. She’s been protecting her family from Jolene, but did she do it by striking up a deal with the demon? Or did Bulshar send Jolene to punish her? She is coherent enough to escape, so I assume her behavior is all an act or due to something tormenting her. We have so many questions without answers and I’m trying to piece them together– but I don’t know if we have all the pieces to the puzzle. I feel the episodes have been feeding us important clues, I just can’t see how they fit yet.

Doc encountered Bulshar in the forest, and I feel like he might have cut a deal. I don’t think he is being duplicitous; I think he was going to tell Wynonna about the experience… he just didn’t get the chance. While I’m discussing Doc—his wife came with a group of vampires to pay their respects to Bulshar, and judging a person by the company they keep, it doesn’t look to good for Mrs. Holliday. Even if she isn’t working directly for Bulshar or has anything to do with him, the jury is still out whether she is a good influence on Doc.

Back to the woods– the murder tree, the disappearing foggy stairs, and Bulshar—what do they have to do with Robin and his father? I hope we haven’t seen the last of Robin; I want Jeremy to get a date that doesn’t involve the murder tree. Which, okay Robin saying it wouldn’t be, “his worse date”, was my favorite part of the show (probably the most relatable…), but I thought Jeremy and Robin were a good match and adorable together! I guess time will tell if Robin is on the up-and-up and alive.

I feel like the show has made we weary to trust anyone, or maybe I’m trying not get too attached. (On the show that is…phew…sounded a little Mama Earp-y there.) It makes me feel like it is important to look at coincidences—like Mrs. Holliday. Or that Waverly and Nicole survived accidents that seem to have fire in common. Is it purely coincidental or is it symbolic to their struggles?

I know we will eventually learn more about Nicole’s trauma, but I’m impatient. Also I don’t want anything to jeopardize their relationship. I’m sure they can work through just about anything—I just think they deserve at least a season respite. I worried about that damn ring though—is throwing Bulshar’s ring just in the forest, a forest with possible murder tress, the best place to hide it?


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  • I hope jolene is a goodie then a baddie then a goodie again. She can stay confusing because we all love Zoie Palmer and want her in it more.

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