Preacher S3E7 Review: Hilter

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Preacher: Hilter

Original air date: August 5, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

What makes a show this crazy work so well is the quality of acting; again I am blown away by Betty Buckley’s performance. Gran’ma Marie is so damn evil (I love it and at the same time she is giving me nightmares—seriously in my dream she was trying to kill me along with contestants on the Bachelor that turned out to be assassins, but maybe I’m over sharing). The worst thing is Gran’ma is doing what she does out of love, or what she thinks is love. She has repeatedly said she “loves” Jesse more than anything, but wouldn’t waste a moment’s thought about destroying him if he stops being useful. I cannot wait to see her get her comeuppance, but at the same time Gran’ma is so entertaining I don’t want it to come too soon.

I’m not going to lie—I wish there was more Hitler in this episode. Seeing Hitler, aka Hilter was working at a fast-food sub restaurant (that is not Subway) and planning his world domination was hilarious—I loved him drawing it out on the napkin when TKoS and Eugene came for him. I want to see the three of them interact with each other and I want there to be some struggle with them getting back to Hell. I could see this trio being just as hilarious as Tulip is with Featherstone and Jody.

Their unlikely trio is the best thing to come out of this episode. I cannot wait to see their heist of souls, as it’s sure to be entertaining. I know Tulip is trying very hard not to let Featherstone get to her and she doesn’t want to mess up the operation—but I think she should sucker punch Featherstone every chance she can get (I think it would help her stay focused). I can foresee Jody being the biggest problem for not just Tulip, but for Featherstone. I think he is there to take the souls and cut out the middlewomen. If he procures them and leaves behind the women, then technically Gran’ma Marie doesn’t owe Herr Starr the use of Jesse.

Before they left for the soul heist, I loved watching Featherstone trying to recreate Tulip and Jesse’s goodbye with Herr Starr. The longing that swept over her face made me (briefly) take pity on her and Starr’s complete obtuseness to the situation made me laugh the hardest I have in a while. I’ve felt Featherstone’s pinning for Starr has always been amusing, but I think there is some untapped comedic gold there. I could imagine her sneaking into his room trying to seduce him and Starr just thinking it is perfectly normal and asking her to run an errand.

The thing that is killing me is Cassidy. Sigh… I wanted Eccarius to be a good vampire, but I knew he was trouble and now Cassidy has gone and caught feelings for him. I like Cassidy and I want something to work out for him. Cassidy’s emotional investment will make him learning the truth about Eccarius much more impactful, it will be brutal to watch. However, I think it will be the event that makes Cassidy go back to Tulip and Jesse—they may not always be the greatest people, but they don’t go around eating vampires and posing as Anne Rice characters (I don’t know which of those is worse, probably the latter).

The gang needs to get back together. They are all scattered and surrounded by enemies: strategically, they are in a horrible position. They are all alive currently, so I guess they have been in worse situations, but they need to get the upper-hand at some point. With so many bad guys circling them, I want a win for team Jesse. Maybe, All Father? If we get rid of him, then that will open some options. I know Herr Starr isn’t the greatest person, but he is amusing enough to stick around longer.

Herr Starr’s scene negotiating with Gran’ma was such a great moment. I want to see the two of them square off again. I mean talk about some powerhouses in acting! What I love about Pip Torren’s portrayal of Herr Starr is how much he communicates through his vast arrays of expressions– is brilliant.

Now with TC piquing Gran’ma’s interest with Genesis, something she has clearly heard about before, I am afraid it doesn’t bode well for Jesse. I’m guessing Genesis is why Gran’ma has a sit down with the Devil. I hate that I have to wait a week to see what happens!


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