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Well hey guys, before we get into the meat of this, you all know we usually get our Voltron videos/posts up a lot quicker than this! However, due to some really horrible technical issues on our end, our files were corrupted. We’ve tried for the past few weeks to fix them, but even after bringing in assistance, it seems the aren’t salvageable.

Luckily, we were able to find a workaround, so here we are!

I’ve covered Voltron: Legendary Defender at four conventions now, and I can honestly say the information we received during this one was probably the most electrifying to date. Not only did we find out how many episodes are officially left in the series (26!), but we were dropped more than a few bombshells about Shiro’s character–things that were more about his past, but that will certainly shape his future. One was regarding a disease that was slowly killing him (that was removed when he was cloned by the Galra–as confirmed by Lauren Montgomery), but perhaps the most important was that he is canonly queer, and had a longterm boyfriend that he broke up with just before leaving on his Kerberos mission. It’s rare to have a queer character on a cartoon show like this (though thankfully becoming less so), but to have one as an adult and not ‘coming out’ as they find themselves, is even rarer.

“For me it was exciting. He has meant so much to so many people, and none of that was based on his sexual orientation. To reveal that he’s a gay man, and that in no way changes his relationships with others or what he’s done, is important.”  Lauren Montgomery (Executive Producer) stated during our interview, “It’s important to have stories where a character is fully formed; he’s gay, he’s doing amazing things…and he’s flawed. It’s the reason why I loved the idea of him being our representation.”

Joaquim Dos Santos mentioned that they get emotional while discussing it, and the fan reaction has been amazing, and that he’s so thankful for it.

We also know that the next season will be focused on getting to Earth, “a huge journey on it’s own,” Dos Santos says. But a large question remains on what has been happening while all of them have been gone. “Things are getting pretty serious.” Though as usual, we can expect at least one ‘fun’ episode, and some levity peppered throughout the season.

While we have some idea of what we might be in store for Shiro when he returns to Earth, things aren’t necessarily going to be easy for our other Paladins, either. Both Pidge (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Lance (Jeremy Shada) have their own difficulties to deal with, despite how both of them have matured over the past few seasons.

“Lance was the most immature to begin with,” Jeremy discussed, “he’s fun to play, but it’s great that he’s still really fleshed out, and his arc has him becoming more mature. He becomes a great team player. When there is a void, he jumps in.”

“I think that’s the main reason he’s the right hand of Voltron, ” Bex interjected, “he stepped up.”

Jeremy laughs, “He still has his Lancey-Lance moments; he’s still the same person, but it’s a more mature version now.”

Pidge, of course, is going to be reunited with her entire family for the first time–and she’s changed a great deal as well since she last saw them. “There are some lingering questions; we don’t know if Sam or Matt have made it home–Colleen [Pidge’s mom] is not going to be happy that Pidge ran away,” Bex mentions. “Matt has already said he noticed how much Pidge has changed–so it’s going to be really interesting to see how she interacts differently with her family now.”

We learn that Lance will also get to see his family.  “Without spoiling things–coming back to this different environment, after all they’ve changed, it will be a bittersweet reunion.”

When asked what their favorite things are about being part of a long running series like this, both Bex and Jeremy agreed that it’s great to be able to stick with a character this long.

“Sometimes I’m in the booth and I’m worried that I’m not portraying all of Pidge’s development authentically.” Bex laughed and shook their head. “But who am I kidding? The writing is so on point, it’s already there–it’s perfect. I don’t have to worry.”

And where would our Paladins be without their trusty friend and confidant, Coran? Who has been through more than his fair share of trials lately, and tends to hide it behind his mask of humor–but perhaps that will start to crack this season.

When asked if Coran was going to show a more serious side to him, Rhys Darby said in season seven it’s definitely going to show more. “He’s out of his element; he’s completely out of his ‘home space’ now. Without giving too much away, he has to step up in his position of power. He has so much knowledge of the universe so the Earth-people are going to want to know about these things. Perhaps they will interrogate him? Who knows!”

Josh Hamilton (Story Editor), points out that Coran saved Allura’s life and has been sworn to protect her–and a lot of what he does is for her. It has left him with a great deal of weight on his shoulders.

When asked about where the show has led Coran so far, in both his relationship with Allura and with the Paladins, Rhys points out that Coran has found his new family. “That means more than anything to him now; the worst part of last season for Coran was seeing the Castle of Lions destroyed as it was the last bit of his own heritage…and now it’s gone.”

“His mission was originally to protect the lions,” Josh says, “but at some point, it became more than that, as he became family with these people. So now it’s about protecting his found family.”

Both Josh and Rhys stated that seeing the fan’s reaction to the new material at conventions is always amazing, and a rewarding experience. “You don’t know how they will react, and I’m always happy that it’s gone over well,” Josh said.

It sounds that our heroes are in four a bumpy ride back to Earth, and that things aren’t necessarily going to be easier for them once they arrive. We’ll have to tune in to find out–and with only 26 episodes left in the series, I can only begin to imagine where the show is going to end up!

Catch Season 7 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, only on Netflix, starting on Friday, August 10th!

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