WNA talks to the Cast and Creator of Stan Against Evil!

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WNA was lucky to talk to the cast and creator of Stan Aganst Evil again this year. As the team ramps up for the season 3 premier on October 31st (on IFC!), we got to discuss what is in store, the sort of creatures we might encounter, and why the show’s use of practical effects are so important. We also got to discuss the importants of friendship and made/found family, especially between Stan and Evie.

John C Mcginley (Stanley Miller)

John C Mcginley discusses what’s in store for Stan Miller next season in Willards Mill, what makes this show so unique, and why he and Janet Varney work so well of one another.

Janet Varney (Evie Barret)

Janet Varney talks about what’s in store for Evie in the third season of Stan Against Evil, what makes the show work so well, and the real unique and important friendship between Stan and Evie.

Dana Gould (showrunner)

Dana Gould discusses what’s in store for season three of Stan Against Evil, what sort of monsters we can expect, and why practical effects are so important!

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