Preacher S3E6 Review: Les Enfants du Sang

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Preacher: Les Enfants du Sang

Original air date: July 29, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

If the show was about smart people making smart decisions, it would be extremely boring—Preacher is a lot of things, but never boring. I know as the audience we have a bigger perspective than the characters, but Cassidy is worrying me with how he is handling things. I know he is hurting, but blowing off Tulip when she called crushed me, mostly because I have my doubts about Eccarius being a stand-up vampire. During the SDCC’18 panel, there was talk about storylines paralleling the comics more, so I’m curious as to if this will apply to Eccarius. Though, for this episode, having the Les Enfants du Sang shenanigans happening in the basement of Kevin’s mee-maw was the funniest part of this episode. Okay, maybe the funniest moment goes to The Saint of Killers adopting Eugene.

It was nice to have some screen time devoted to Eugene and his escapades. The shock and sadness on his face when he encountered a giant crater rather than a hometown was great. To look on the Brightside, it means about 99% of the people that knew about his past are dead, so it will be easy to create a fresh start—that is if he isn’t dragged back to Hell. I want an episode entirely devoted to this road trip. TSoK, Eugene and Hitler on a journey back to Hell: it would be a little like Midnight Run.

Confronting the past seems to be the driving force of this season—Jesse, Tulip and Cass are not the people there were at the beginning of the show; there is no going back to how things were, and I don’t think their little family will stay apart, it will just have a different dynamic. This depends mainly on if Jesse and Tulip get out from under Gran’ma Marie’s thumb. At least part of Jesse’s past is put to rest. Shooting Sabina (Madame Boyd) was a surprising turn of events, but gave Gran’ma Marie exactly what she wanted, which keeps Tulip alive for a little longer– and it also effectively took down Angelville’s competition. Which leads me to a question: will the souls Marie consumed be released if she dies? I’m just curious as to how it works.

The predicament Jesse and Tulip find themselves in does require Genesis to be up and running. This means an alliance with the Grail, but I wonder if All Father will be another obstacle in Jesse getting his soul back. Of all the villains in this show, I think All Father is the worst. Now, I feel that the use of fat suits and fat shaming in television has been over used—but in this case I think it works. (Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, I don’t think weight determines worth.) In a visual sense, All Father’s appearance succinctly shows the greed, gluttony, and apathy of his character. In a broad sense, he is the embodiment of corruption of those that are in power. I’m not saying all those in power are corrupt– nothing is that black and white—I’m saying that if a person needed to symbolize what is wrong in the world, All Father is that character.

As far as this episode goes, it was so fun to watch. I probably sound like a broken record, but I’ll say it again—I love this show. I love these characters. They are messed-up; they’re not perfect but they are extremely loveable (or hate-able), vibrant, and entertaining. The production value and the writing make Preacher one of the best shows on television. It is amazing how crazy this show can get, and it makes the end of the weekend bearable. Looking at the previews next week did anyone else have an, “ah shit” moment when TC asks Marie about Genesis? Oh man, I think we have just seen the tip of the crazy iceberg.


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