Wynonna Earp S3E2 Review: When You Call My Name


Wynonna Earp: When You Call My Name

Original air date: July 27, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

I would never want to play poker with the cast of Wynonna Earp, they have perfected their poker faces. Talking with them during San Diego’s Comic Con, I would have never guessed that there would be a main cast member leaving the show this early in the season. WNA will be posting those videos shortly and you can judge for yourself. During the SDCC panel, Shamier Anderson said, “I hope y’all appreciate what I do with Dolls….especially next episode.” Little did I know what that meant, and that in less than a week my heart would be breaking. In true Wynonna Earp fashion, I will have a shot of whiskey (or two) in honor of the great character—Xavier Pamela Dolls.

We are two episodes into the season and the writers and cast of Wynonna Earp are not messing around—this season is shaping up to be intense (I feel that is putting it mildly). Right off the bat, episode one gave us some Eurotrash Vampires with gold grills and now we get cannibal, voice-stealing Revenants and booby-trap charades.  Not to mention Momma Earp appearing to Wynonna in her time of need and Bulshar (Jean Marchand) hanging out in the periphery being all creepy and evil.

My broken heart aside, this was an amazing episode and brought the drama to the next level. Dolls death proves how high the stakes are this season. What has worked for the group before is not going to cut it. I know the gang are going to be there for each other, and I hope that is enough. Wynonna is dealing with the loss of Alice, having to give up her baby right after birth isn’t a pain that will heal overnight. Now coupled with Dolls death, Wynonna is going to be vulnerable.

My fear is that Wynonna will listen to her vision momma and isolate herself from the others. It is important to be able to be self-sufficient but so is the ability to accept help—and I don’t think those two are mutually exclusive. Wynonna’s gang (her family) are all part of the solving the Earp curse. Doughnuts and whiskey will only help dull the pain for so long. I think Waverly will have to be very strong to help them survive this season. Waverly does have the amazing capacity for forgiveness and I think she will push aside the hurt about learning her mother is in prison and be the person that Wynonna will lean on. I would love if Doc were that person, but he seems to be going through some stuff himself.

Doc lost his immortality and his baby girl; that will take some time to come to terms with, and I don’t think we’ve seen the full effects of what his mortality means. He has a bandage on his right hand (his shooting hand) and I don’t think it’s a fashion statement. I hope this isn’t a portent of his body aging now that he is a mere human, or of his demise. I don’t think Wynonna, the audience, or I could handle his loss.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the group change. Dolls was great at shepherding this misfit family and I’m curious to see who will take up that role—maybe Momma Earp? Will there be a jail break in the future?  Megan Follows (Momma Earp, aka Michelle Gibson) and Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna) were so amazing together on screen, and I loved the moments where their gestures mimicked each other. I want more of that. I also want to see Waverly met her mom as an adult.

Besides the Earp drama, it seems that Haught has some skeletons hanging out in her closet, ones she doesn’t even know about. I can’t wait to see how the Cult of Balshar influenced her past. I’m sure the drama and stress on our emotions are just beginning. Where are the doughnuts?


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