WNA chat with Charmed, Magnum P.I. and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend @ SDCC’18

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CBS was a strong presence at San Diego’s Comic Con 2018, bringing their stars and showrunners to talk about the fall line-up. Looking at their upcoming shows some titles may sound familiar—Magnum P.I. and Charmed are being rebooted and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is entering its final season. WNA was honored to spend some time with the talent in front and behind the camera and we are excited to be watching CBS this fall.

I loved Charmed. I feel lucky that I grew up with Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to give me some amazing female-power television. There may be more shows today that offer strong female leads, but I think there is always room for more. Why not reboot Charmed? There can be a new generation of young girls that will learn about the power of three, the power of sisterly bonds and how much fun it can be to see three witches kick some demon ass!

Jennie Sndyer Urman (Showrunner)

Jennie Snyder Urman (Executive Producer) is also a fan of the original and is excited to bring the show back. This version of Charmed will be familiar, there will be the Book of Shadows, there will be White Lighters, but this telling looks to be a little darker and tad bit scarier. This isn’t just a rehashing of the story we know, but a new look at the lore created in the original series.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show that has something for everyone. It is funny, there are musical numbers and it brings to light some important social issues like mental illness and Jewish-American culture. The final season is shaping up to be bigger and bolder than ever! I’m sad it is the last season, but at the same time, I can’t wait to see it! If you haven’t seen it, it is the perfect show to binge-watch on Netflix.

Aline Brosh McKenna (Co-Creator) & Rachel Bloom (Rebecca Bunch)

Rachel Bloom (Rebecca Bunch/Executive Producer) and Aline Brosh Mckenna (Executive Producer) talked to us about the upcoming season, new songs and Judaism.

When I think of the original Magnum P.I. there are three things that stand out—the mustache, the Aloha shirt and the red Ferrari (fun fact: it was a Volkswagen engine in the Ferrari, the Ferrari engine was too loud). The reboot is giving us two of those, we won’t be seeing Jay Hernandez sporting a mustache. Which let’s be honest, it isn’t the 80’s anymore we really don’t need the stache.

Eric Guggenheim & Peter Lenkov (Showrunners)

With Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim behind the wheel of this reboot the show is in good hands. They have a love for the original and want to make these characters current.

Jay Hernandez (Thomas Magnum)

Jay Hernandez knows what he is undertaking with the character of Thomas Magnum. There a lot of people that fondly remember Tom Selleck in the role and Hernandez is up for the challenge of making it his own while honoring the past. When the announcement that Hernandez was cast as Magnum made the news, I was excited. I think he will do very well—he has the easy charm necessary for the role but can also go dark (I’m thinking of his portrayal of El Diablo in Suicide Squad). I can’t wait to see what he does with the show.

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