Check out the Exclusives at Think Geek During SDCC!

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Think Geek has some great exclusives and fun items that are available at SDCC this year! Not only do they have the items below, they also have some awesome Fallout props and replicas available for preorder. While the con exclusives due end to sell out each day, they have a new supply every day so you have a chance to get it until Sunday!

So come down to booth 3349 and check out what they have!

Star TrekTMRock Mood Light($70)–ThinkGeek as teamed up with The Wand Company to bring the Star Trek phaser-controlled Rock Mood Light to SDCC. This officially-licensed Star Trek: The Original Series hand-painted rock is modeled after the effects seen on Alfa177 in “The Enemy Within.”Therock comes with with an LED inside which glows when you fire the included Type-1 phaser at it. The rock comes with two modes: Survival (which “heats” the rock) and Atmosphere (which turns it into a light show with seven colors).In Survival mode, pressing and holding the remote’s trigger makes phaser firing sounds and imparts a red glow to the rock (as if you’re heating it). The glow then dims once you release the trigger. Atmosphere mode can be controlled via phaser remote or buttons on the bottom of the rock.

Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag ($25): The Pickel Rick Sleeping Bag is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive that makes its debut in at SDCC. This officially-licenced sleeping bag is a lightweight mummy-style bag that’s great for summer camping or wearing as a full-body costume.
Westworld Maze Prop Replica($50): Discover who you truly are at the center of this officially-licenced Maze Prop Replica from HBO’s Westworld. With a Westworld-branded display stand, this display piece can sit on the edge of your desk and serve as a reminder to question the nature of your reality.



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