AMC’s Preacher Closed Down Friday’s Hall H Programming.

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AMC’s Preacher closed out Friday’s Hall H programming. Close to 7000 fans were treated to a first look Allfather, Eccarius and a meeting between the Devil and Gran’ma Marie!


Not only did the audience get treated to a sneak peek, the fate of Hitler was revealed—it involves making sandwiches. For fans of the source material, it looks like Preacher will be merging closer to the story from comic books (minus some unsavory sexual encounters with animals, dead things and dead animals).

As for heartbroken Cassidy—don’t worry, he’s on the rebound and falling in with some very interesting people…


Don’t worry if you missed the panel (or you know, aren’t in San Diego), the link to the trailer is down below. Take a look—Sunday’s (7/22) looks to be a doozy!

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