Preacher S3E3 Review: Gonna Hurt

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Preacher: Gonna Hurt

Original air date: July 8. 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Mark Harelik as God – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Tulip’s interaction with God was a great scene and I love that God looks just like fake-God (both played by Mark Harelik). However, I don’t know if I trust Him. Did He truly plan on Tulip messing up, or did he just kind of roll with it and say it was part of His grand design? God goading Tulip (say that five times fast) might have been a ploy to rile her up and get her back into the game. At least He’s a loving God—is it just me or is that the worst thing He could say to her? Wanting to kick His ass is quintessential Tulip and might be the greatest goal she’s ever had; mostly because I would love to see this happen. Also, how great was it that God is just cruising Louisiana on a motorcycle with a blonde in tow (Mary Stieffel as said blonde)?

Tulip believes God wants Jesse sidelined because He’s afraid of Genesis. Whether or not it’s true, it has fueled her to find a way out for Jesse. She turns to TC (and his dingle) for advice and learns a blood debt is only paid when Gran’ma Marie says it is—or maybe with some more powerful magic. The episode ended with Tulip going to Madame Boyd for help, of course that didn’t go well and now is trapped with them. We’ll see next week whether this turns out to be a good thing or not—but something tells me the Boyds won’t be eager to help Jesse. Tulip might have a chance at persuading them that Jesse’s freedom means Angelville will be destroyed once and for all and thusly destroying their competition. Madame Boyd seems to have cornered the voodoo market, so it could be an extremely tough sell.
Though Tulip is in quite the predicament, I think Cassidy might be in a worse fix. Don’t get me wrong, he is in a better position than he was being hung from a tree and being used as target practice. Jesse gave him a fighting chance, but it was kind of Jesse’s fault he was caught. Cassidy wouldn’t have been caught if Jesse hadn’t stolen his blood bags—just saying. This did lead us to the tombs and what opening them up means. The tombs host what is tantamount to cock fighting, but with the soulless inhabitants and monsters (like vampires). Here we were left again with the outcome unknown, but if I was placing a bet, it would be on Cassidy. It will be curious to see how he or Jesse get out of the tombs, but Jesse needs to rethink his strategy here—he is losing allies and the rifts created last season have yet to be mended. Jesse needs Tulip and Cassidy to get away from Angelville—I hope they will stick around to help.

Not that Cassidy is in the clear here—a love spell? Really, Cass, Really? When in the history of the world has a love spell been a good idea? I feel like this is common knowledge and it is totally cheating. What bugs me the most about this (and Jesse and Cassidy’s fighting over Tulip) is that Tulip is the prize and apparently has nothing to say over the matter. I’m pissed for her right now. I know Cassidy and Jesse aren’t perfect, they have their faults–but chauvinism didn’t seem like one until this season. Tulip  is their equal—they’ve all made some mistakes, but they have saved each other multiple times. Jesse and Cassidy need to stop dismissing her—she is more than just a damsel in distress. I don’t want Tulip to be marginalized—with Featherstone and Gran’ma Marie as such strong villains and awesome characters I need Tulip to rise above this love triangle and kick some ass. Marie, Featherstone and God (in that order).


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