Preacher on AMC is Back!! S3E1 Review: Angelville

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Preacher: Angelville

Original air date: June 24th, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

The highest compliment I can give a show is that I want to crawl through my television and explore the world created. Preacher’s Angelville is one of those sets. Gran’ma Miss Maria’s place of business has a creepy yet fascinating ambiance—it’s a smorgasbord for the eyes and I can’t wait to see more. Though I might be rethinking taking a stroll around Angelville—Miss Maria (Betty Buckley) is the scariest thing I have seen on television in a good long time and I wouldn’t want to hear her motorized wheelchair coming after me.

Maybe it’s just me, but motorized wheelchairs with IV bags hanging off them give me the heebie-jeebies (I’m talking in shows, I haven’t ever run from one in real life). Jesse’s Gran’ma is being set up to be the most formidable villain we have yet to see on the show. The opening sequence showing Miss Marie plying her trade of potions and spells for profit, then willing to cut open her daughter’s stomach to retrieve what she swallowed, shows us all we need to know about her—I doubt age has softened her, and I think The Saint of Killers, Herr Starr, and Hitler might hesitate to go against her. Look at what she does to the people she allegedly loves—what does she do to people she hates?

As far as a season opener, this episode keeps the bar set high for the show. The quality of production and the way the episode was filmed makes Preacher the coolest looking thing on television. Last season the opening episode was very action orientated; this episode took a small step back from that—I mean how could they top blowing up a city and TSOK? This episode gave us more insight into the past of Tulip and Jesse, and I think reflects the feeling the season is going to have.

There is a sense of isolation with Angelville—New Orleans and all of it’s flavor are still there in the periphery, but in the bayous surrounding Angelville I think our main cast is going to have a hard time finding allies. The bonds that were fractured in last season will need to mend quickly if they want to survive. Especially since Jesse is now indebted to Miss Marie. He gave her some of his blood and I have a feeling that is probably right up there with giving away part of his soul. I’m glad Tulip didn’t stay dead, but I do think Jesse needs to reevaluate how he gets stuff done– soon there won’t be any of him left to barter.

Tulip’s time in Purgatory was insightful and was crafted so damn well. The stark set of a small living room from her childhood gave us the sense of a waiting room personally designed for Tulip. The canned audience response to the actions of her father and mother were a perfect mockery of the generic “sitcom” family, and succinctly pointed out how far off her family life was from this ideal. Purgatory fits in well with what we know about the design of Hell. We haven’t seen much of Heaven, but I expect it would be also custom designed for each occupant as well.

Tulip watching her younger self interacting with her father and briefly with her mother made it quite clear that her home life sucked. Tulip telling child Tulip that foster care wouldn’t be any worse was soul crushing, because in that line we know it wouldn’t be any better, either. When Tulip’s time was coming to an end and she was looking for an escape, I felt that urgency and relief when she was free. Before she returned, Tulip had an encounter with God (still dressed as a dog) and he has a job for her—to kill someone, but we didn’t get to hear who. I can’t wait to find out who and while she is at it, I want Tulip to get Lara Featherstone. She needs her comeuppance and I want Tulip alone to give it to her.

This season is looking to be quite the ride. I am so happy Preacher is back on and I can’t wait to see up happens in the weeks ahead!

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