The Flash S4E23, Review – We Are The Flash

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The final battle between Clifford and Team Flash has arrived. With Marlize on their side, the team can come together with a plan that may work this time. With Cecile in labor, they’ll use her heightened psychic abilities to put Barry’s conscious into Clifford’s. From there, he could battle him from within, while Clifford fights them in reality.

Within Clifford’s mind, Barry is determined to find his good side and bring him home. Through his journey, he finds Ralph lingering, alive and well. It’s never answered if any other meta Clifford absorbed is alive, but it seems Ralph made the cut because Clifford is using his body. The two locate Clifford’s good side, but he’s dead. It solidifies that Clifford is genuinely evil and cannot be helped. Barry doesn’t seem concerned that they will have to kill him, an issue he had quite a problem with.

Throughout Barry’s journey, in reality, Clifford is hunting down the team to put a stop to their plan. He doesn’t think highly of anyone, toying and torturing them rather than killing. It prolongs the team suffering as they try to fight him, but he’s too strong. Worst of all, Cecile is forced to deal with the brunt of his power, right in the middle of the labor. I didn’t think they needed to go that far” we get it, Clifford is evil. There was no need to further torture Cecile, who had little effect on the plot to begin with.

Her suffering doesn’t last too long, as Barry and Ralph manage to escape Clifford’s consciousness so Ralph can gain control of his body again. Just like that, Clifford is defeated and out of the picture. There is a silly instance where he returns as a hologram, but Marlize merely powers down the chair, and he’s gone again.

I was expecting an extended fight, at least one with more action. No one got to shine in the last battle against Clifford– even Barry played the same role, and his powers didn’t come into play. With Clifford dead, one small issue arises before everyone departs. The satellites Clifford launched are falling from the sky, preparing to make a crater out of Central City. Barry isn’t enough to stop the trajectory, but a mystery Speedster joins him and the day is saved.

With the threat taken care of, it’s time to say goodbye to both Marlize and Harry. Both on different journeys, but happy to fulfill their passion: Marlize as a humanitarian and Harry as someone who can finally emotionally connect with his daughter. While his above-average intelligence has not been restored, he is perfectly happy to remain just an average guy. I hope Harry returns next season in some form; he is always a team favorite of mine.

One question that is answered that has plagued us all season is the identity of the awkward girl who has appeared in random episodes. Her name is Nora, and she reveals herself to be Barry and Iris’ future daughter. She leaves us with the warning that she messed up before the episode ends. Sounds like she’s repeating Barry’s mistakes, and I’m not looking forward to more time traveling.

It didn’t feel like this was a satisfying ending. Ralph had developed into a superhero in his own right and barely got to show up; at least Wally has returned as Kid Flash, as he was missed this season.

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