iZombie S4E12 Review: You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away

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iZombie: You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away

Original air date: May 21, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

First and Foremost—Rahul Kohli stole the show this week. Ravi on Mckenna’s brain might be the funniest thing I have ever seen. It worked out perfectly because Liv has already been on a similar brain. If she ate the brain it would have felt repetitive; Ravi’s interpretation of the brain felt fresh. This is one thing I have enjoyed this season—Ravi and Don E getting to share the limelight with Liv in the ‘brain of the week’ spotlight.

I can add Major to that list this week as well. The (turns out not so) happily married couple brain he and Liv enjoyed offered some cute little moments between the two, and I think the brains allowed them to confess the feelings they still had for each other. Too bad it turned out the wife of the couple was a little murder-y. That came in handy with Roche: a fire poker to the brain cleans up that storyline nicely.

We have one more episode for the season and I think it might be the last episode for Chase Graves. Harris (Adam Greydon Reid) seems to be playing Major and Chase against each other. I’m imagining it’s so that he can rise to power despite what he told Major. Harris’ sneakiness and Chase going through with trying to execute Liv is going to be his downfall. Though Enzo’s new-found devotion to Brother Love may also play into Chase’s downfall. He will soon be going to the big brain buffet in the sky, and I think the show is lining up Brother Love as the big bad for next season.

Blaine brilliantly gave his father the sign he needed by making it snow brains, and I’m sure it will prompt BL to take his horde on the road to convert all in his path to zombie-ism. While the other zombies fight for or against Fillmore Graves, Blaine and his dad will take the opportunity to sneak out– which might be the premise of next season. This season we had New Seattle: next New America. The one thing that can keep this from happening is Isobel’s brain.

Not only has it seemed to make a vaccine, but a cure. This is what I expected might happen and now I wonder if it is something that can be mass produced? I couldn’t see one brain being enough to cure all the zombies, so I hope it can be replicated. Also, is Ravi the only one working towards finding a cure or a vaccine? This seems like something the world, our government, and Fillmore Graves would be very interested in—if the zombie population growing is such a concern to Fillmore Graves I would think a vaccine would be on top of their to-do list. I don’t agree with Harris’ underhandedness, but I can see how he thinks FG needs to new management.

Fillmore Graves is directly responsible for Brother Love’s success and I predict it will all become very clear to Chase in the next episode. I have no doubt Liv will live to fight another day, but I can see Chase being the one getting killed by guillotine. I’m worried that Levon might not make it; Liv’s boyfriends don’t usually have a long shelf life and it would be surprising if he lives to the end of the season. I would be shocked if Major dies. I don’t want that to happen and I do think the other soldiers of FG would have his back if it came down to him or Chase.

I wonder if we will see Peyton in the season finale; the government has been an off-screen threat this season and I wonder if they will play a part in the finale, or if this will be explored next season. The only thing I don’t want to see is a cliffhanger. Stupid cliffhangers, I hate them and have seen way too many in other shows this season.


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