The Flash S4E22, Review – Think Fast

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No longer in hiding, Clifford is out in the open and ready to launch his satellites for the Enlightenment. Posing as Diggle, he gains access into A.R.G.U.S where Fallout is being held. He kills and tortures anyone who gets in his way, seemingly freed from Marlize’s judgment.

Team Flash is alerted to his whereabouts thanks to Iris’ blog post, and try to come up with a plan to save the workers while also derailing Clifford’s plan. There is a lot of trial and error between Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin as they experiment with Flashtime as a key piece to saving the hostages. Utilizing Flashtime requires focus and if their heart is steady, they’ll be able to remain in it and move faster than usual. Their attitudes are optimistic, even as the trio face their doubts and insecurities. It feels like another training session, despite the looming 12 hour deadline over their heads.

While they work on their training, Iris and Harry focus on finding Marlize. They examine her life through articles and speeches in an attempt to get to know her. Harry hinders the research briefly with silly questions, which leads Iris to leave and seek refuge at home. I thought she’d have more patience for Harry as his mental capacity diminishes, and it feels a little out of character for her to shut him down as hard as she did. Despite her request to be left alone, Harry chases after her to continue their work. His persistence does provide a catalyst for her to pinpoint where Marlize is hiding, so it wasn’t for nothing.

Together, Iris and Harry confront Marlize in her first apartment in London. She’s on the offensive immediately, but seeing Harry’s state causes her to lower her guard. She explains this will be the Enlightenment; Harry will be reset and follow Clifford’s instruction at some point in the future. She has to help stop it, and she seems willing to do so with Iris and Harry’s encouragement.

With Fallout’s time running out until he goes critical, Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin put their plan into motion. Surprisingly, everything turns out well! The hostages are saved, and the satellite is destroyed with Amunet’s shards, successfully delaying the Enlightenment. Clifford is less than pleased, but he had a backup plan– he can use S.T.A.R. labs to launch another satellite. In fact, it’s already set in motion to do so. Barry spent so long going through the first plan to stop him, without Marlize’s help, the team won’t be able to prevent another launch.

In what seemed to have little to do with the plot, Cecile’s due date draws closer. The closer it gets, the more her powers expand into something uncontrollable. It’s as if she takes on another’s personality if they get too close, and she can’t remember who she is. Joe has a knack for bringing her back to herself, but it all feels out of place. Maybe it’ll have an impact on Clifford’s Enlightenment, but we won’t know that for sure until next week.

Team Flash doesn’t have a lot of help to rely on, and Clifford has almost assured a victory at this point. While Team Flash had to face their insecurities, we see a preview of Caitlin’s childhood, which include her being Killer Frost as a child. I hope this is a catalyst to bring her back: Captain Cold’s gun won’t cut it in the final battle with DeVoe.

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