Shadowhunters, Review S3E9 Familia Onte Omnia & S3E10 Erchomai

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Thus far, Clary’s strong will has carried her through every roadblock Lilith has laid down. She’s not in this fight alone, but she seems to be the one fighting the hardest. Instead of being distracted, she keeps her focus on Lilith, and it will finally pay off.

Even as Clary is taken to be burned for her crimes, she does not give up and continues to find ways to keep moving forward. I think part of her success in finding her way out of these life or death situations is how she is perceived. Other Shadowhunters view her as selfish and naive, as she wasn’t she wasn’t raised like they were. Others seem to think she’s too sweet to be capable of deception and gullible enough to believe the lies she’s been told. In reality, Clary is brilliant, and after killing Valentine, she has grown up quite a lot. In order to avoid being burned to death, she offers her rune to bring Valentine back to life. It seems Consul Penhallow is especially interested in learning why Lilith would want access to his grave, and the only way to find that out is to bring Valentine back.

The bargain saves Clary’s life for one more day, but the consequences of bringing someone back from the dead are a lot to handle. Valentine explain’s Lilith’s plans and after serving his purpose, they are unable to kill him again. It leads to a chaotic break out until Clary can corner him and take his life. So close to freedom, Clary ends up being captured by Jace. With the flesh of Valentine and Clary caught, Jace has finally gotten a mission right for Lilith.

Considering how lovesick Clary had been for Jace when they first got together, I’m pleasantly surprised to see her fighting him every step of the way on their return to Lilith. When overpowering him doesn’t work, Clary pricks herself to leave drops of blood for anyone searching for her. Ultimately, it’s a last minute decision that may end up saving the city.

As Clary fights for her life, there is a push to locate and stop Lilith from finishing her ritual. Lilith is acutely aware this is going on and focuses on putting a stop to the deadliest weapon against her: Simon. She uses Heidi to torture Simon and prevents him from acting against her. Starved for blood, Heidi traps his mother and sister in their home, threatening to reveal his life as a vampire to them.

Simon tries various avenues to appeal to Heidi’s human side; sympathy, being aggressive, but nothing works. She’s unphased by him and cuts his sister’s neck to entice him to feed. Simon’s hunger takes over, and he nearly kills Rebecca until Isabelle comes in and shuts it all down. Jordan went to her for help, and together they manage to get Heidi under control and Rebecca to a hospital.

Simon’s worst fear has come true; he has nearly killed his sister, and his mother thinks he’s a monster. But the aftermath of this mess doesn’t go as bad as Simon believes it will. Rebecca takes the news of him being a vampire smoothly and doesn’t hold the attack against him. They both agree their mother should never know the truth, and Simon hypnotizes his mom to believe he is dead instead of torturing her with the knowledge he’s a vampire. It’s what Simon wanted to avoid for so long, but it had to happen at some point.

There is little time to mourn as Isabelle gets word that Lilith is ready to make her final moves and Clary is a part of it. Even with Alec, Isabelle, Maryse, Luke, and Simon together, the odds aren’t looking good in the showdown against Lilith. Magnus was expected to join them, but after Lorenzo shut down his request for the Warlock’s assistance, he had to travel to the Edom for one last-ditch attempt for help. There he pleaded for his father’s (Asmodeus) magic to help him free Jace. The Prince of Hell is not the most generous giver, but with a bargain struck, Magnus gets precisely what he wanted.

With all these deals being struck, no one seems to weigh the pros and cons of the choices they’re making. Even Lilith, hyper-focused on bringing Jonathan back to life, did not take into account the consequences of messing with people’s lives. If she had done this quietly, it would have worked out in her favor. Instead, she messed with the wrong people too early. While Lilith manages to place a mark on Clary to link her and Jonathan’s lives as one of the final pieces of the ritual, it all goes downhill as she is tricked into attacking Simon. With his mark activated, Simon manages to destroy much of the surrounding area. Jonathan and Lilith are killed, as is Clary. Now, I’m not honestly convinced these three are dead. Lilith and Jonathan are demons after all, and Clary is resilient, so I’m sure they will all return in one way or another.

There will be a lot to unpack when the show returns. Jace is freed from Lilith’s possession, but we are left with Magnus magicless and Alec fighting for his life to get him there. Luke abandoned his pack to save Clary, which is entirely reasonable for a dad to do, but his pack didn’t think so. Simon’s lost his family, Maia is struggling, and now he’s a part of the reason Clary is gone. There will be a lot of guilt and a lot of tears, but despite their sacrifices, I don’t think Lilith is gone for good.

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