Lucifer Season 3 Finale Review

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Lucifer: Quintessential Deckstar & A Devil of My Word

Original air dates: May 7 and 15, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

There are shows out there that I watch that are fun, yet predictable. The entertainment value in nominal. Lucifer never was predictable and always highly entertaining. There were twists and turns that left me laughing one moment and crying the next. The writing for the show was magnificent. When you would step back and look at the season (or seasons) everything made sense. There was a clear direction to the story being told which doesn’t happen very often. A lot of times it seems like the writers are just winging it (get it…because of the angel wings…wakawaka). Each season was a perfectly told narrative, and the characters in this show were real—they had their personal faults, yet strived to be better, to evolve.

I know a lot goes on in deciding what shows live and die and on a network and I’m not angry at FOX for cancelling Lucifer. I’m thankful for the three season we got to spend with the Devil and his cohorts– I’m just disappointed we won’t see more. I feel there are still stories to be told about these characters and my hope of hopes is that another network or streaming company picks up the show. If we could get one more season, if we could see what happens next—I would be ecstatic. If that doesn’t happen, then at least I’m content with the closure these two episodes did bring.

The last two episodes (to steal from their title) were quintessential Lucifer. I cried, laughed, and cheered throughout both and tried to savor each moment knowing these were that last ones I was going to get. I speak for myself (but I’m guessing many other Lucifans) when I say, watching these episode, I felt like Charlotte in her last breaths. There is a mixture panic and despair knowing everything was about to end, but a peace knowing I was not alone in these final moments.

I thought I would be more upset over Charlotte’s death than I was. I don’t want you to think I’m heartless, I cried (an ugly cry) when she passed, but it was such a beautiful scene. Amenadiel getting his wings back and taking her to heaven was absolute perfection. She saved Amenadiel’s life (though I still wonder how mortal he was in reality) and sealed Pierce’s fate.  Amenadiel flying home was a beautiful send off to both characters and I’m so happy that they got want they truly desired.

What hurt the most about Charlotte’s death was watching Dan grieve. Ugh, the moment the camera panned down and we saw Charlotte wearing the waffle charm bracelet Dan bought her, the tears started to freely flow all over. Dan started off as the douchey detective that at first seemed like he was going to be the constant thorn in Lucifer’s side, but he grew to be so much more than that. Dan became a very likeable character. Like the others, he evolved over the seasons and grew on me. I would like to see how he handled the grief after Pierce was held accountable, but alas…

Speaking of character evolution: Maze. She fought (and most likely killed) twelve of Pierce’s minions and ran four miles to get to Dr. Linda when she thought she was in danger. That is a big gesture towards amending their friendship. It was unintentional, but at least Pierce got Linda and Maze back together. I’m so relieved Maze came back around, as I thought we might lose her to the darkside for good. I’m glad Linda also pointed out how Maze’s emotions made her stronger not weaker. Of course, I don’t know why Maze would even consider anything Pierce said; he had thousands of years on Earth and he learned squat.

A lot of things were tied up neatly with these last two episodes, but the biggest thing that could happen—Decker learning Lucifer is the Devil– is how the show ended. Lucifer got his Devil face back just in time for her to see and freak out. First, I don’t think his Devil face is tied to him being a monster. I think that is the face of judgement. It comes with be the ruler of Hell (a package deal). I didn’t get that Lucifer felt like a monster when he killed Pierce, I think he felt justified—he was punishing the wicked. Maybe the face is a tool his Father gave him to help do his job. Maybe the way he felt after losing the uprising against his Father made him the perfect person to run Hell– because he understands guilt better than most.

This means Amenadiel’s theory about complete free will is not entirely true, which is why I doubt Pierce could have killed him in the first place. I think their Father was more like a hands-off manager, but final say did come down to Him. So yes, Amenadiel’s disappearing wings were partly to do with him, and partly to do with God. Amenadiel lost faith in himself, which I think translated to a loss of faith in his Dad. Regaining his faith in self did bring back his wings, but I think the Big Guy helped.

Like Amenadiel, this is all speculation on my part and now we will never know if my theories are right or wrong, or if Decker will be cool with Lucifer now that she knows he was speaking the truth and not in metaphors.

Though if you are going to go out, go out on a high note—how utterly badass and cool was the scene with Lucifer, fully winged, battered and bloody, going after all of Pierce’s goons? That scene will live on in mind as one of the best scenes in television—ever! The final battle between Lucifer and Pierce was epic and ended how it needed to, with Pierce’s death.  Pierce might have had a chance at redemption prior to killing Charlotte, but his selfishness was his downfall. He got what he had wanted, his mortality, only to decide he didn’t want it. I think at the root of it, he never would have been content even if he got what he wanted.

Lucifer vanquished Pierce and showed Decker his Devil Face– after that I wonder if he would get what he truly desired…her to choose him? Officially we will never know, but in my heart the answer is yes. It would be all about work/life balance for them both. Lucifer would run Hell, solve crime and on the weekends, they would go antiquing. Maze and Amenadiel would be live in nannies for their two kids. Dan and Ella would come over every Thursday night with their kids (I’m coupling them, because why not?) for a giant family dinner. Joining them occasionally is Dr. Linda, because she is often traveling the world with her new husband, a very handsome and wealthy king of some small country. These times together Lucifer will fondly look back on and think of as heavenly. The end.



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