The Flash S4E20, Review – Therefore She Is

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Every villain needs a solid backstory, but rarely do we get one for sidekicks. I’d hardly call Marlize a sidekick to Clifford, but she has little meaning in his life any longer.

In various flashback scenes, we see how Marlize and Clifford met. From falling in love, out of love, and back into love, it has been a long roller coaster ride. You see why she is so devoted to him: it’s to the point she’s changed her morals to fit his. She was once optimistic about humanity’s future, but a tragic event shows her the world through Clifford’s eyes, and she finds herself believing humankind needs help– otherwise it is destined to destroy itself.

We revisit the past as present Marlize is rethinking her relationship with Clifford. They’re on the road to discovering the necessary tools to make Clifford’s ideal world a reality. The deeper the pair dives, the more Marlize pulls away from Clifford. Team Flash plays second fiddle to Clifford and Marlize as she rediscovers who she was before Clifford. The team only serves to cause a mild disruption to their plan.

As they progress with their plan, Clifford uses his powers to torture and kill anyone who stands in his way. It’s not just team Flash; he attacks indiscriminately without holding back against even the weakest of humans. Somewhere deep inside of her, Marlize realizes Clifford was always this way, but she never honestly felt the same. She let love blind her and make her forget the hope she had for the world. Back in their lab, Marlize makes a break for it by stealing Clifford’s chair. She wishes him a farewell, leaving him alone for the first in a long time.

I believe Marlize breaking away from her husband is a massive win for Team Flash. There is no telling if she will join up with them to help defeat Clifford, or if she’ll sit this battle out. The disruption to his life may be enough to throw Clifford off his game.

Team Flash needs all the help it can get. Even with Gypsy’s help, they’re still struggling to keep up with Clifford’s plans. Caitlin can’t get Killer Frost to appear again, and Harry’s mind is slowly slipping from him. As it is now, they’re at a standstill with what they can do against Clifford.

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