Shadowhunters S3E7, Review – Salt In The Wound

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Lilith went from being ahead of the game, to her plans ruined so fast I’m sure her anger will be unimaginable.

I didn’t have any confidence that Jace would be captured and Lilith’s identity would be discovered this early in the season. Clary finally comes clean to Alec and Isabelle about the details of what went down with Valentine. Jace’s behavior suddenly makes sense, and Alec seems almost relieved. Alec surprises Clary with a hug and reassurance that he isn’t mad. Instead, he’s understanding of what position she was put in and is ready to save his Parbatai from Lilith. I thought becoming the leader of the Institute would put more stress on Alec, but instead he’s grown into a supportive guy who doesn’t react out of anger.

With Magnus now woefully aware that he is part of the reason Jace is lost to them, they all split off to work on not only putting a stop to Lilith’s plans, but on saving Jace from her possession. Magnus returns home to look for a cure for his potion, while Alec, Isabelle and Clary head to Idris to seek Imogen’s help, and Simon and Luke search for the human sacrifices in hopes to save them from being possessed as well.

Simon got unwillingly roped into this after Clary called him for help with her injuries from Jace. The call came at the most inconvenient time– moments before Jordan was revealed to be Maia’s former boyfriend, the one who turned her into a werewolf. It was a lot for everyone to process, especially for Maia who had pushed Jordan as far from her thoughts as possible. So she doesn’t mind Simon’s absence, instead taking the time to think of her past with Jordan.

We learn through a series of flashbacks that Jordan and Maia were genuinely in love with big plans for the future. That is until the night Jordan got bit. He became a controlling, nasty guy who couldn’t handle Maia’s strong will. One night he lost control and turned her into a werewolf like himself, leaving her to deal with the aftermath on her own. After thinking of the past, Maia gathers herself and confronts Jordan with what he did to her. He apologizes, and she forces him to commit to helping Simon rather than running away. He agrees, and for now, they will be civil for Simon’s sake. It seems these two have a lot of feelings still left for each other, and I’m not sure how it’ll effect Simon in the long run.

As Maia wraps up on her history with Jordan, Clary, Alec, and Isabelle make their way to Idris in search of an old weapon they could use to capture Jace. Imogen offers her help, and it seems it’ll all work out. It’s too good to be true, as moments after the trio take their leave, Jace appears in Imogen’s office. He greets her, hoping to gain entry into the cemetery on a mission from Lilith. She knows not to trust Jace, but before she can react, he manages to brutally kill her. With her dying breath, Imogen sends out a warning to Alec that Jace has arrived and the trio goes into action. Once confronted in the cemetery, they quickly trap Jace with the weapon they retrieved and send him to Magnus. Unfortunately, Clary is left behind to face the consequences of her actions in Idris so Alec and Isabelle can make their escape. She doesn’t seem worried about herself, more so for Jace.

I have to say, Lilith chose one incompetent Shadowhunter to possess. I understand she did it to make him suffer for killing Jonathan, but Jace has not exactly been a shining example as a messenger for her. His failure in Idris means little when Simon and Luke show up in her refuge. In hopes of finding Sam, Simon is attacked by the rest of the possessed human, and his seal does its trick of protecting him. This means everyone but Sam is killed by his barrier and Lilith is livid. As Luke and Simon leave her sanctuary, they have no idea the fury they’ve just unleashed. I’m not sure if the Seelie Queen knew Simon would get himself involved in a battle against Lilith, but hopefully, her magic will be strong enough to protect Simon from anything that comes his way.

Despite being a mighty demon, seeing Lilith’s ritual not going to plan is a testament to the strength and intelligence she faces with Clary and her friends. I’m happy to see they’re not powerless against Lilith despite her place in the world. But, I’m sure after Simon destroyed her work we’ll how far she’s willing to go to bring her son back to life.

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