iZombie S4E9 Review: Mac-Liv-Moore


iZombie: Mac-Liv-Moore

Original air date: April 31, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Maybe it took me a while to adjust to the new rhythm of the show, or maybe the pieces are coming together, but I do think the last couple of episodes have been better than weeks prior. We are finally getting some payoff for all the various storylines that have been introduced this season. Liv is still Renegade, but with Ravi and Peyton knowing and helping her I feel a little better about it. I still don’t agree with her choice and wish she had included her friends from the get-go, but that’s been rectified. Now that Peyton is Acting-Mayor, maybe what they are doing can be more official, and less possible death by zombie guillotine?

Liv’s Renegade did bring into the story Isobel (Izabela Vidovic), the human immune to the zombie virus. Isobel has “Freylich Syndrome” (which is a fictional illness, I googled it) and somehow it has left her unable to achieve her Z-card. Ravi is intrigued, and Isobel has volunteered to remain and be a test subject for him. She might be the key to a successful vaccine or possibly a cure. As the previous cure is in the hands of Blaine I don’t think Liv and gang are going to see that again. However, I think a cure is soon going to be on the forefront of a lot of zombie minds.

Once the news of the mayor’s death, a clearly human death, spreads there is going to be a lot to deal with. A zombie cure is a big deal and the zombie masses (well the majority) are going to be clamoring to obtain it. Too bad there’s only fourteen left and Blaine is auctioning off ten of them on the dark web. Once the news does get wide spread, will Ravi share his research? But with who? I don’t know if Fillmore Graves is interested in curing zombies and I don’t know if the US government is either. Though it seems it would be in the best interest of the government to eradicate the zombie epidemic in a peaceful way.

Blaine has other plans: he wants to make more zombies. I’m not sure how he plans on doing this, but his reasoning is monetary based—if real estate value went down due to the few zombies, then it will go back up if everyone is a zombie. I’m guessing he plans on making a lot of zombies, making a lot of money, and then taking the cure and living far away. I guess the details to all this will be revealed sooner rather than later. Did anyone else notice the lightbulb light up when Don E figured out his plan? I loved it!

My favorite thing of the whole episode is Clive is still playing D&D after his exposure to it last season. This revelation was made even better by the fact he plays with Vampire Steve and Jimmy. Then Michelle (the officer Liv kept pushing Clive towards) joins them and they kissed! I’m curious as to how this will play out—Bozzio and Clive have been having a rough go of things trying to keep their zombie-human romance alive and I feel like all signs are pointing to a break. Clive is attracted to Michelle and they seem to have a lighter banter than he ever had with Bozzio, we also see her a lot more than we see Bozzio in these episodes, so it makes me wonder if soon Bozzio will be completely out of the picture.

For the first time this season the show is intriguing me. I’m now seeing a coherent story forming and it has left me excited for next week. The show is strongest when the characters are working together, and now that most of them are on the same page it is breathing life into what was looking like a shambling mess. Major is still out there on his own, but at some point, I think he and Liv will find themselves back on the same side of the fight.



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