Lucifer S3E22 Review: All Hands on Decker

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Lucifer: All Hands on Decker

Original air date: April 31, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Amidst a show about the Devil solving crimes, is this show that is never what it’s expect it to be. Nearing the end of the third season, Lucifer always keeps me on my toes and manages to repeatedly astonish me. I never know how things are going to work out. Kudos to the writers and show-runners for the many twists and turns the show takes. They never come out of nowhere; hindsight shows there is an organic progression to the events that occur, yet the twists are always delightfully surprising. To try and decipher where the show is headed is challenging, but never frustrating as each episode is always entertaining. Other shows I can figure out where they are heading, but right now I don’t have a clue to as what is going to happen in the last two episodes of the season, but I know there are going to be amazing.

I like to continually learn about characters and see them evolve. In this episode Dan is the one that surprised me. I often think he is underestimated, but his insightfulness even surprised me. He is one of the few characters in the show that doesn’t know the whole truth, and I think that helps him rather than hinders his ability to see the bigger picture. He is looking at the relationships and is looking at the feelings behind the actions– he isn’t caught up in the more supernatural aspects of people’s characters. When he called out Lucifer for calling Decker ‘the Detective’ and never by her name, it floored me because it is very telling, and I never even gave it a thought. ‘The Detective’ is just one aspect of Chloe Decker; it is her job, but not the only thing that defines her. By disassociating from her name, Lucifer can keep a barrier up between them. How is it that Dan caught on to this and Dr. Linda didn’t?

Dan then surprised me again when he told Charlotte that he wanted to be with her, but would respect her need for space if that is truly what she desired. I’m so glad he came clean; I want him and Charlotte to be a couple, and I hope it lasts. They can be good for each other, as Dan seems to have this untapped talent for helping people find what they desire—his time walking in Lucifer’s shoes did him some good. Also, I loved how he pulled a Lucifer at the end and was waiting for the killer in the dark. His reckless behavior led to Lucifer recognizing his own unreliability. Spending time in Decker’s shoes did him some good. Yet, at the end of the episode, Lucifer failed once again to come clean and tell Decker how he feels.

My one concern is what it has been for some time—Maze. I’m wanting her to redeem herself, but I also like the conflict it presents if she becomes the big bad. I enjoyed the scene on the party bus between her and Dr. Linda. I know Maze could kick Linda’s ass without breaking a sweat, but I would’ve been supremely happy if Linda got in one good punch. I’ve spent so much time hoping for Maze to crawl out of her dark hole, but at this point I kind of want her to embrace the darkness. Now that I feel that way, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to her killing Pierce– but to help Decker or Lucifer, not to hurt them.

I’ve had my doubts about Pierce from the get-go. I didn’t think he would be good for Decker, for the same reasons Lucifer wasn’t a good fit. For centuries they both have put their needs first. Lucifer is learning, but  Pierce hasn’t evolved in the same manner. He loves Decker, but more for how she makes him feel, not for who she is. With Decker breaking off the engagement we are going to see what kind of person Pierce truly is and I don’t think it is going to be the ‘good man’ he’s been pretending to be. Then again, the show is always full of surprises.


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