Ash vs Evil Dead Series Finale Review: Mettle of Man

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Mettle of Man

Original air date: April 29, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Here’s the thing—I hate endings. I have on multiple occasions opted not to watch the last episode of a series, just to keep it going in my mind. (I know it’s weird, but hey, I’m weird.) I have loved every single episode of Ash vs Evil Dead and as much as I couldn’t wait to see this episode, it also took all my willpower to watch. I like to think how the series ended would be perfect for me. It didn’t really end: Ash is alive and well. The Delta has some upgrades (well, so did Ash) and the ending is a nice nod to the original ending of Ash vs The Army of Darkness. Yet, I feel a little disappointed because I want more.

Which I think is a good way to feel– it is a testament to how great the show is.  I’m not angry at STARZ for not renewing it; I am grateful for the time they gave us with Ash and company, and in total we’ve had thirty-nine years with Ash. To want more is just being greedy. Yet the season that could have been looked bad ass. The android or cybernetically enhanced Knight of Sumeria looked so cool: those special effects were amazing! The scene where she is walking down the hallway and you can see through her mid-section blew my mind. The last five minutes of the episode were like if Mad Max and Blade Runner had a baby and that baby grew up to fight deadites. Did I mention the Delta?

Alas, all that will have to play out in my mind…or maybe it’s time for another Evil Dead video game? Or maybe more comic books? Preferably a game. After that, I will be excited to see what’s next for our main cast. They have a lifelong fan in me and I can’t wait to see what they will do.

As it is, this was a fitting ending for the show. It was chocked full of quintessential Evil Dead-ness and I loved it. We got Kelly back, and the Ghost Beaters were reunited. (I believe they are all alive and well in the future and kicking ass.) The episode was full of deadites, decapitations and massive amounts of gushing blood. Ash fully embraced his role as the Prophesied One and was willing to put his life on the line to save those he loved.  Which, I know he has done before, but not to this scale—that was one big monster.

It’s surprising how much Ash’s relationship with Brandy changed him. I think having a daughter gave more meaning to his fighting. Ash was no longer fighting because it is something he became accustomed to, but because he had a reason. This started in season one with Kelly and Pablo, and as his family grew, so did his reasons for fighting. The amount of character development that happened over the course of three seasons was an amazing thing to watch. Amidst the blood and gore, there was this great story about a man burdened with a terrible truth that no one believed. I think Brandy telling Ash how she would like to hear about what happened to him was something he had wanted to hear for thirty-some years.

The one thing I didn’t expect was the full-on tears I had while watching all this happen. Pablo and Kelly kissing after she came back is when they started, and Ash putting them on the truck and shutting the door is when the full water-works sprung forth. Ash running over Pablo’s food cart is when they turned to laughter. I know I say it a lot, but I loved these characters. I wish I could buy them a shot for each time they saved the world (mostly). They will be missed.

It has been one groovy ride and all I can say is: Hail to the King!


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