Shadowhunters S3E6, Review – A Window Into an Empty Room

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Most problems seem small in comparison to dealing with Lilith. Yet Clary is the only one leading the charge on this investigation.

Simon is excluded from any judgment; he’s focusing on himself and the seal the Seelie Queen left him. Jordan has been trying to help, but Heidi’s arrival has thrown Simon for a loop. She’s very attached to Simon right away, happy to tell him it’s a dream come true for her to be a vampire and do everything she can to remain with him. Simon doesn’t see her situation through the same rose-colored glasses, and while he has sympathy for her, he knows he isn’t responsible enough to raise a fledgling vampire. Upon learning of her destructive activities since being turned, Simon calls upon the Praetor Lupus to help Heidi curb her bloodlust. She’s not happy with the outcome, but it’s the only way to get her settled in her new life.

Alec’s focus as the Institute’s leader is not where it should be after a fight with Magnus. Along with the arrival of his mother, who has been recently cast out as a Shadowhunter, his priorities are elsewhere. So when he catches Jace in the open, he doesn’t question the quick visit to the Silent Brothers and welcomes him back home readily. Even Isabella doesn’t seem bothered by his return, and she’s one of the most perceptive characters on the show.

I didn’t expect it’d be Clary leading the way on the identity of the Owl’s master. Her drive can’t be interrupted as she searches for the identity of the demon she saw. Even as Jace unexpectedly returns from his trip, instead comforting him, she questions him about his journey. Jace is cold and shrugs off her interrogation as he returns to duty, personality utterly different from a short time earlier.

The fight with Alec frees up Magnus’ free time as he tries to focus on issues other than his own. When Clary reaches out to him for help, he’s all too willing to lend a hand. It’s the team up I’ve been waiting for, as they both hold the pieces to Lilith’s reveal. After catching up with Clary, he knows it’s Brother Zachariah who will have the best lead for them. He is a Silent Brother who is able to provide additional books for review, as well as an affinity for the Horndale family. He tells Clary that Jace didn’t arrive for his treatment, which confirms he has been lying.

The reason for Jace’s erratic behavior is answered immediately as Clary and Magnus stumble upon him taking possession of Ollie. She is the last victim needed to complete Lilith’s ritual. It’s going to be a race to prevent her from killing her girlfriend, Sam. I don’t think they’ll be able to save Ollie, but at least the two can save Sam from a horrific death.

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