Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E19 Review: Option Two

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Option Two

Original air date: April 27, 2018

Warning: Spoilers


Well I be hornswoggled! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) I feel my little rant about Talbot last week was premature. I see now that it was leading to something big—something I never suspected, and I love it. The writers pulled a fast one on us (or maybe just me) and now Talbot is fused with the gravitonium. I said I wanted a redemption story for him, and I got it and then some. I am always amazed at how well this show continues to up the ante in each episode and the pace never falters. This episode was intense and though I didn’t get the Infinity War tie-in of my dreams, it was still an amazing episode.

There is so much to process after this episode. As the team battled new enemies, a lot of names from the past popped up. First, John Garrett, Deathlok and Centipede Serum. Thinking back on the 100th episode, the bread crumbs were there for us to follow. Mike Peterson wasn’t there just for the nostalgia, but as a clue—the Centipede serum that gave him and Garrett extended life could be the one thing that could save Coulson. The Centipede serum did keep Garrett alive, but it wasn’t until he was injected with GH-325 that he was fully healthy (physically, mentally he was always going to be cray-cray.) So, assuming Coulson is cool with this plan, are they going to need to inject him with the GH-325 again? Can you do that more than once?  Or will the Centipede serum be enough?The other blast for the past: Jiaying. Daisy’s mom holds the secret to the Centipede serum. I’m assuming it is something in her DNA as I doubt Daisy is digging her up to chat about chemical formulas. Whitehall used Jiaying’s DNA as a youth serum and did all sorts of experiments with it. So I think it is safe to assume the regenerative properties of Jiaying’s Inhuman powers are probably the base of the Centipede formula. I would think it has to be difficult for Daisy to dig up her mother, and Coulson is probably the only person she would do it for—I’m just wondering if Jiaying is still in her grave? It wouldn’t be the first time she came back to life.


As to what is happening presently for the agents, I know Deke hasn’t blinked out of existence, but there are signs the time loop has been broken. Daisy successfully delivering Robin and her mom to safety away from the lighthouse is different than the future we saw– unless they all travel back there for some reason. I guess we won’t know for sure until the world doesn’t explode, which is still a possibility with less-than-sane Talbot developing a Thanos complex. In the future, Deke showed a video of Daisy leaving the quinjet and I always thought it was likely she was going to get someone (probably Coulson), but maybe the final boss battle of the season will be her against Talbot. I’m hoping there is way this can all be resolved without anyone else dying or losing body parts. If this is the final season, I want everyone to live happily ever after– and if there is another season I want everyone to live so they fight some more and then live happily ever after.

By far my favorite scene of this episode was Coulson jumping the gun and choosing option two: nuclear attack, when option three was alien invasion. I’ve never felt closer to Coulson than in that moment: I never wait to hear all the menu options.  It is little moments like this, and Deke calling Fitz ‘Gramps’ that make the show for me. I like that we get these moments of humor amidst all the intense drama. This episode needed the levity, especially when Yo-Yo and Mack are off breaking my heart. I know they have had a rough go at things, but c’mon! If Fitz and Simmons can work through their problems, Yo-Yo and Mack should be able to as well. I know the two relationships are very different and can’t be compared, I’m just saying it because I want Yo-Yo and Mack to stay together.

One more thing, what is up with Agent Davis?  Agent Piper seemed rather astonished by his story and it has piqued my interest.

Final thought and slight Infinity War spoiler:

What if the events in the movie have a direct impact on people in this show and that is how the time loop is broken?


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