Lucifer S3E21 Review: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

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Lucifer: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

Original air date: April 23, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Thank God—Dr. Linda finally told Lucifer what I’ve wanted someone to tell him for a long time– and he listened. He’s out of excuses for why he shouldn’t be with Decker, and it will be interesting to see how this will play out for the rest of this season. With Decker accepting Pierce’s marriage proposal it might seem like Lucifer’s epiphany is too late; but I’m going to remain as positive as Charlotte is on a mission from God and believes it’s never too late.

This was an incredibly emotional episode—or was I the only one yelling at the TV during the episode? When Lucifer set up that romantic dinner for Decker and her eyes were begging him to say how he really felt—man did Lucifer blow it. There was that moment, where it looked like he would tell her, but then fear took over. His inability to express his emotions was totally heartbreaking– which is a total testament to the amazing performances from Lauren German and Tom Ellis. Their faces said so much more than just the words they spoke; I haven’t seen a performance like that in a long time. How has FOX not renewed this show for season four yet?

In a nice counterbalance to the Pierce, Decker, and Lucifer love triangle was the partnering of Charlotte and Amenadiel. They were fun to watch on screen together and I want to see more of it. I don’t think Lucifer could have a better duo fighting for him and Decker. Amenadiel has agreed to help Lucifer win the affections of Decker as he thinks Lucifer is his test given by God to overcome and re-earn his wings. I have never really felt this was right—what if his test is Charlotte? He is getting her active and giving her purpose. I think if he can restore her faith in herself and in the hereafter, then he will get his wings back.

Dr. Linda made a valid point—they can’t know for sure what is God’s plan. They can guess, but that’s all they can do. My guess is the reason Lucifer and Amenadiel are being allowed to remain on Earth is so they can understand and love humans as much God does. This is God we were talking about– if He wanted them elsewhere, I think they would be elsewhere.

As of now it looks like Pierce has won the heart of Decker and he seems to be in love with her, but I still question it. He is free of his curse and thinks her love is what did it. (I agree with Lucifer and think it is because he pulled the plug on his plan that broke the curse.) So, is he in love with what he thinks she can offer him, or with her? I don’t know if he can tell the difference and that concerns me. For so long he’s put his needs before everyone else, and it appears he has changed—but he has few thousand years of bad habits he is going to need to break for this relationship to have a chance. Maybe the reason I’m so dubious about their relationship is because I want Decker to be with Lucifer. I’m not saying he doesn’t have some bad habits himself, but this is his show and I think there is both a comedic and dramatic goldmine of stories to be told about Lucifer entering a monogamous relationship with a human. Enough for a whole other season.

The one part I am disliking in all of this is Maze. She hasn’t gone too far yet. I think she is still going to try and execute the plan to destroy Lucifer’s life on Earth—if she succeeds I don’t know if there is a way back from that. She is in so much pain, and the choices she makes seem to make it worse for her. Aligning herself with Pierce was never going to end well and Pierce backing out of their deal is just another way her feelings and wants were not met. In this case, it was probably a good thing. Does she want to succeed with her plan, or is her real goal to self-destruct? At the same time, why didn’t Lucifer let her go back to Hell? I get that conflict fuels the show, but if he did care the least bit for Maze he would have let her go. Then again, he thinks he knows what is best for her—maybe he is more like his Father than he cares to admit?


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