Ash vs Evil Dead S3E9 Review: Judgement Day

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Judgement Day

Original air date: April 22, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

For me this episode was tinged with the bittersweet emotion that it is the second to last one I will be reviewing for the show. Prior to the episode airing it was announced that this will be the final season of Ash vs Evil Dead. I’m thankful for the seasons we did get, but I’m sad there won’t be more. Yet I would rather them finish the stories for these characters and give them the send off they deserve than continue without purpose or direction. I will say this episode stepped it up a notch. You can feel we are sprinting to the end and heading to the last boss battle—the energy is high, and the Ghost Beaters will not be going quietly into the night.

This episode gave me my new favorite scene—Brandy and her cell phone. I think when the deadites are tiny, like the mini Ashes in Army of Darkness, or the doll in season one, it is the perfect combination of cute, gross, hilarious and creepy—four of my favorite things! I loved it. I’m glad Brady escaped with only part of her thumb missing, but it would’ve been poetic had she cut off her hand like her father did. I can imagine the father/daughter Christmas cards with matching sweaters and chainsaws. This scene was not just hilarious, but it also showed Brandy stepping up: she embraced being Ash’s daughter and fought back. She is a full-fledged member of the Ghost Beaters for sure.

Before her run-in with the cellphone, it was nice to have the scene with her and Ash. I mean her hugging him and wanting to be with him– not her throwing up on him. I love that neither Ash or Pablo blamed her for not believing them. They know how manipulative Ruby can be, and know she is the one accountable. It was the perfect way to handle the situation and I’m glad Ash was supportive of his daughter. It is moments like this that make me sad that we are so close to the end. The change in Ash from the first movie to now is amazing. He is still very self-centered, obtuse, and a bit racist—but he is a true, loving and caring friend. (Though I doubt he would admit it.) I love these characters, faults and all. Even Ruby will be missed—okay not really…

Kaya and Ruby were both quickly dispatched by the other Dark Ones. I didn’t expect it to be that easy (even for the Dark Ones) to get rid of Ruby, but I think the pages she added will still have some effect on the events in the series finale. What will that be? I haven’t a clue—but my guess would be she tipped the odds in Ash’s favor. Not because she had any fondness for him, but because she is vindictive enough to make sure the other Dark Ones wouldn’t succeed.  In Evil Dead 2, the lost pages of the Necronomicon made the evil a physical manifestation; the big monster we saw at the end of this episode looked solidly corporeal and I think that might be a good thing. It means it can be killed or sent to another realm. If it is the latter of the two, I hope Pablo will be in charge a saying any incantations—we all know that isn’t Ash’s strong suit.

Though we haven’t got Kelly’s soul back to her body yet, at least Ash has her body.  Since we do see her wielding a machine gun in the finale, I think it is safe to say body and soul are going to be reunited. I hope they remain that way. My dream outcome for all of this is that our main heroes get to live happily ever after. I think they deserve it. Ash will run his hardware and sex toy shop with Brandy at his side. Pablo and Kelly will settle down on some tropical island and raise their coven of brujolitos. Evil will be a distant memory and none of them will ever read a book written in a foreign language again.


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