Shadowhunters S3E5, Review – Stronger Than Heaven

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Clary is convinced she can save Jace from a trip to the Silent Brothers and reaches out to Luke for help. Being stripped of his runes isn’t the end of the world, but Clary feels if he were classified as unfit for field work it would be difficult for both of them. While Clary is determined to fix Jace, he goes off to help Simon instead, seemly back to his old self.

Jace never seemed to be a fan of Simon, but is happy to help him determine the cause of the Seelie Queen’s seal. Simon isn’t really open to his help (as Jace suddenly barraged into his life) but is too nice to say no. While visiting his new apartment, Jace realizes how absurd it was to stumble on such a great place with a nice roommate. After interrogating Jordan, the truth comes out. From their first meeting, it was all organized by Praetor Lupus to help Simon on his journey. Feeling betrayed, Simon storms out, intending to live in his car once more.

After a talk from Jace and cooling off from the initial shock, Simon returns to Jordan and agrees to live with him again. As long as there are no more lies, he’s open to returning to be his roommate. It seems fair, and Jordan’s mission won’t be a complete failure. I didn’t think Simon’s anger would last long; he’s a decent judge of character and without a mean bone in his body.

I’m surprised at how relaxed Jace is helping Simon; he no longer seems paranoid or frustrated. The lack of interference from Lilith probably helps, but by the end of the day, he decides to seek help from the Silent Brothers and take his chance with their diagnosis.

Lilith’s preoccupied with seeking out a way to force Jace out of love with Clary– that way he can carry out her mission without being distracted. Magnus unknowingly helps Lilith out with a ‘fall out of love’ potion, and all it needs is a piece of Clary’s soul.

Clary reaches out to Luke in hopes to reach Cleophas. She comes clean about Jace’s death and subsequent revival, and believes Cleophas can show her how to communicate with angels to get answers. Luke accepts this, and Cleophas is all too happy to show her how. You would think there would be some resistance, considering how dangerous it is, but there is no stopping Clary.

The summoning works, and it is Ithuriel who greets Clary, eager to help. He sets the record straight: Jace’s odd behavior isn’t because he was resurrected, and the Owl is merely a servant. Just as Ithuriel is about to reveal Lilith’s identity, she appears as a demon and rips his heart out. Ithuriel dies in an explosion of light, leaving Clary stunned. I was not expecting a demon to one-up an angel so quickly, but Lilith isn’t an ordinary demon. With Clary stunned, Lilith happily takes a piece of Clary’s soul and carries on with her plan

Lilith manages to corner Jace in a bar and gets him to drink the potion. One sip is all it takes to fall out of love and make him easier to control. No one will question his absence as he said his goodbyes to head to the Silent brothers– it all works out perfectly for Lilith.

Clary has her first clue on about the Owl, but will she use it? The better question is, will she tell anyone about it to help in her search. She’s surrounded by bright, intelligent people who are well versed in this world, and sometimes she shoulders too much on her own. I hope she doesn’t make the wrong decision, leaving Jace’s life in limbo.

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