Ash vs Evil Dead S3E8 Reivew: Rifting Apart

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Rifting Apart

Original air date: April 15, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

As far as this season goes this is one of the weaker episodes, but I enjoyed it well enough and there were some great one liners. Ash asking, “Was that three?” made me laugh out loud and Pablo’s, “It’s brujo especial bitch,” is my new favorite line. The problem with the episode lies more with my expectations. The shadowy, green realm of the Rift offered so much potential, and I was expecting more time spent exploring it. I had hoped it would give us more insight to the Necronomicon and to the Dark Ones. As it was, it felt like the episode was quickly solving one problem without offering us more in the way of story progression.

With the potential of Rift World not fulfilled, Pablo was my favorite part of the episode. I liked his battle against the deadite and how he was able to dispatch it without help. He continues to evolve into this strong character. From here on in I would like to see him take a more active stance with his brujo abilities, as he has yet to learn how to control or tap into them on command. When he does, I think he will be a force to be reckoned with. I want him to be the one to avenge Kelly and kill Ruby– Ash can kill all the other monsters.

Kelly’s inability to escape wasn’t a huge surprise—her body is currently being occupied by Kaya. I guess leaving her in the Rift creates an urgency that wasn’t there before; the handsy shadow monster seems to be good at tracking people. Because I still believe Kelly is going to be reunited with her body, I guess I’m not feeling what I’m supposed to. What I hope happens is her continued adventures in the Rift will address my multitude of questions– and boy do I have questions.

I want to know if there is a statute of limitations on how long someone can remain in the Rift and come back. If say Knowby came back from the Rift, would his body be okay? Like would it be fresh again? What if someone was cremated? It would totally suck if you survived the Rift only to find out you were trapped due to cremation. Is it even possible to stay in the Rift for a lengthy amount of time, or does the shadow monster get everyone sooner or later?

I know in the previews (last week) it showed Dalton being dragged by the handsy shadow monster, so it wasn’t a surprise to see, but I felt that his brief appearance was a letdown. I liked his over-heroic sacrifice, and kissing Kelly (it seemed like a very Ash-like thing to do), I just wish he had been able to stick around for a while longer. Mostly because sacrificing himself seemed unnecessary. If Ash had thought to use the Delta five seconds earlier, then Dalton could have got in with them and traveled through the Rift. Then again, could he? He blew off his head when he was brought to life by Ruby, would that be fixed? Or is there just a small window of opportunity to bring someone back? If that is the case, all those other souls stuck in the Rift are screwed.

Does a person need to be swallowed up by the shadow monster for a deadite to possess them? If that is the case, then that would mean Dalton was swallowed once before and Ruby brought him back from wherever a person ends up after the swallowing.  It would also mean that it is possible to retrieve him again. Or maybe he is gone gone.  Deadites might just instinctively know how to find freshly dead bodies. Not everyone that gets killed by evil gets possessed, so there have to be some sort of rules.

Ash was able to get the Delta started when Kelly said that nothing worked in the Rift, is this important? Or was it a convenient plot device? It seemed like Ash willed the car to work. If that is the case, can Kelly do the same? Or is this something only Ash can do? I’m sorry I feel my whole review is nothing but questions. That seems to be the only thing this episode left us with.


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